How to Clean Stinky Sandals for Fresh Smelling Feet

How to Clean Stinky Sandals for Fresh Smelling Feet

Sandals are the surest sign of a good time, but nothing can kill the excitement of putting them on like the hot blast of sweaty stink when you unearth them from the closet.

By their nature; sandals are prone to developing some pretty nasty odors, but that doesn't mean you have to accept it as a fact of life. If you're tired of stinky sandals and funky flip-flops, we'll cover all the bases of cleaning your footwear and preventing odors from coming back.

Preventing Stinky Sandals

We've got a few solutions for getting the smell out of your sandals, but the best remedy is to not put it there in the first place. Follow these tips for keeping your sandals fresh after each wear, and you may never have to clean them again!

Take Care of Your Feet

From surf to poolside; sandals often go where normal shoes can't, and there are plenty of places to pick up some nasty smells in the process. But as with any footwear, sweat and dirty feet are consistent culprits of bad odors no matter where you go.

Getting your feet sandal-ready is one of the best ways to keep odor at bay. That means getting them clean and dry before putting them on. If you're at the beach, rinse your feet before leaving and give them a thorough pat-down with your towel to get them 100% dry.

In general, taking care of your feet will prevent a lot of the dry skin and dirt that make sandals smell. Give them a good scrub when you shower and consider using foot deodorant or baby powder to keep your feet dry.

If your feet are prone to sweating, pay attention to the materials in your sandals. Leather is breathable and better at managing moisture, while synthetic rubberized materials keep it all on the surface and thus amplify the stink. And don't forget, along with footwear choice, you can try different methods of controlling excess sweating like drinking plenty of water and watching what you eat.

Keep Sandals on a Rotation

Variety is the spice of life, and potentially the answer to stinky flip-flops. If you wear sandals often; overusing the same pair day in and day out won't give them a chance to recover from a bad odor.

When it comes to sandals, don't wear them out — air them out. Buy several pairs of sandals for different occasions and keep them on a rotation in your closet. After you wear them, you can give each set at least a day or two to dry out and refresh them.

The Stinky Sandals Remedy

Even if you sweat like crazy or take your sandals through intense terrain, you don't have to settle for foul footwear. With a few everyday ingredients, you have a ton of safe and effective ways to tackle the smell.

The next time you need to eliminate sandal odor, try out these tried-and-true methods.

The Natural Power of Sunlight

Sunlight is an incredible natural cleaner, able to handle microbes and stains on so many items around the house. And your sandals are no exception!

You probably already know that it's awesome at drying your shoes, but sunlight also offers UV power, killing the mold spores and bacteria that generate those bad sandal odors.

Although it's an effective odor remover, sunlight is best used sparingly for most materials. Exposed rubber and cork can break down from too much time in the sun, and any dyed materials like leather or suede will fade.

The Baking Soda Treatment

Baking soda removes moisture and odors from mattresses, carpets, furniture, and, of course, shoes. If you've had a long day in your sandals, sprinkle a coat of baking soda over them. Wait several hours or overnight for the baking soda to absorb all of the moisture, and shake them out the next day.

If you want to get your sandals shining as well as smelling good, you can use baking soda and water to make a cleaning paste. Scrub it onto rubber or any water-safe material with a toothbrush to remove stains. You can also kick it up a notch with hydrogen peroxide to make oxygen bleach.

Follow Up with Vinegar

Vinegar works on a bunch of materials, so you can either use it after or in place of baking soda and water. Mix one part water with one part distilled white vinegar to make a spray cleaner.

Apply the vinegar solution to your sandals, and use a soft cloth to work it into the material. Let them dry in the sun before using.

Clean with Soap and Water

If all-natural solutions aren't cutting it, turning to your washing machine is effective for cleaning sandals. Unfortunately, washing machines are rough on everything except for rubber and fabrics, and they're far from efficient. If you're willing to put in a little bit of work, a simple blend of warm water and mild dish soap is a great way to clean all kinds of sandals.

Freeze the Stink Away

Bacteria need warm, moist areas to live in, so taking your stinky sandals to the freezer makes a lot of sense. Put each sandal in an airtight bag and toss them in the freezer to kill bacteria and get them feeling refreshingly cool the next time you put them on.

The longer you leave your sandals in the freezer, the more effective it will be at removing the smell. Leave them in the freezer overnight or for up to two days to see a difference.

Eliminate Sandal Odor Once and for All

Sandals are meant for relaxing and enjoying the moment, and a foul odor can quickly ruin it for you. With these tips in mind, you'll be able to battle the stench of stinky sandals with ease, efficiency, and grace.

Your stink-free sandal journey begins with finding the right set for the right occasion. Check out our catalog to find great deals on the perfect pair to fit your style!

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