2022's Comfiest Slippers

2022's Comfiest Slippers

If you've been to the shops lately or bought new clothes online during the pandemic, then you've probably noticed a shift in fashion. Everything is about comfort now. 

And, it makes sense. As more people are working from home and there have been restrictions on meeting in public places, people are looking for comfortable ways to dress and style themselves. 

That means, finding the comfiest slippers has become the priority on most of our shopping lists...

But, where can you find the warmest slippers? And, what are the benefits of slipped compared to other shoes? Keep reading to find out what to look out for in the slipper world in 2022 and where to find your new comfy slippers! 

What to Look For in Slippers

When it comes to finding slippers for the home you have to make sure you have the right design. Even if they look nice, that doesn't mean that they'll provide enough support for your feet. 

So, what do you need to look for in a new pair of slippers? 

Firstly, you have to decide on what style you want. For example, do you want mule slippers? scuff slippers? Or, loafers? Perhaps, you want Sherpa slippers or orthopedic slippers...

No matter what your preference is, you have to double-check the arch and heel support on the shoes.

There are two main things to consider for support:


Cushions are important in slippers as they help protect your feet from shock when they hit the ground. Plus, the cushioning aspect also helps relieve pressure so you don't get muscle aches and spasms. 

The most common materials used in the cushion are foam, carbons, and gels. So, if you see this on the description label then that's a good sign.


Another key part of a slipper is an outsole. The outsole provides stability and safety for when you're walking around your home. For this reason, most slippers are designed with durable rubber soles.

That way the slipper has enough traction and grip to prevent you from slipping. This is especially important if you have wooden floors, or are purchasing them as a gift for an elderly person. 

The Comfiest Slippers for 2022

Now that we're in a new year you might be looking to treat yourself to a new pair of slippers. Finding the comfiest slippers as we already know, is not just about looks, they need to be supportive. 

But, everyone likes a cozy slipper that looks nice...

So, here's a list of the best slippers for 2022 that are both comfortable and supportive:

1) Lynx- Unisex Sandal for Men and Women

These stylish slippers have a lovely faux fur trim and a padded footbed that will make you feel like you're walking on clouds all day. You can get them in brown, tan, or black. 

Plus, they can be worn by either men or women; so anyone can enjoy these beauties! 

2) Kalica- Women's Slipper

Do you like doing yoga after a fresh cup of coffee in the morning? Then, you'll need a comfy pair of slippers to wear afterward. Luckily, the Kalica design has a yoga mat footbed. 

As well as this, it has a faux fur trim and a faux suede upper to allow you to slide into these slippers with ease. In addition to this, the lovely colorful touches will brighten up your day every time you put them on! 

3) Gracias- Unisex Sandal for Men and Women

If you're looking for a pair of slippers that you can wear inside as well as outside when you're hanging up your laundry; then this could be the shoe for you. 

The Gracias design has a faux fur liner, padded footbed, and sprinkle of color at the back.

4) Fuzzy- Women's Slipper 

Do you live in a hot climate? Then, these slippers are a great choice because of their crisscross faux suede strap. As well as this, the soft faux fur lining will keep your feet nice and warm.

5) Cancun- Unisex Sandal for Men and Women

These sleek slippers are for the stylish people out there who want something comfortable and also look impressive. You can also wear these slippers outside and inside.

Why You Need to Wear Slippers

Now, you might be thinking, "Why wear slippers when I have a wardrobe of shoes?" 

One of the benefits of wearing slippers, is that they help keep your house clean. Did you know that shoes hold more bacteria than a toilet seat? Yeah, it's true. 

On top of this, slippers can also make you more productive, reduce your risk of infection, prolong the life of your socks, and avoid household accidents. However, the best thing about having the comfiest slippers is...

They feel amazing!

But, how do you look after your favorite slippers? 

Washing Slippers 

After you buy yourself a new pair of slippers you want to make sure you can enjoy them for a long time, so that means you need to take care of them. To look after your slippers you have to wash them.

You should always spot clean your slippers and let them air dry unless the instructions say otherwise. However, if you need them quicker then you can use a hairdryer to speed up the process. 

For leather and suede, you should use specific cleaning supplies. For odor, you can sprinkle a little baking soda into each shoe and leave it for a few hours. 

So, are you ready to buy your new slippers? 

Walk Your Way Into a Cozy Life With Flojos Slippers

In order to own the comfiest slippers, you need to find the best brand. The good news is, Flojos tells you everything you need to know about their shoes in the title. 

Do you know what Flojos means? It means lazy and relaxed which conveys exactly what these shoes give you. A cozy life with comfortable slippers. So, you can spend your days doing the things you love in peace. 

No one wants to deal with sore feet after a long day's work, do they? That's why you need to take a look at the website today! 

Treat yourself to the best slippers for 2022.

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