Top 7 Key Reasons to Wear Sandals to the Beach

Top 7 Key Reasons to Wear Sandals to the Beach

When you think of the beach, your mind probably jumps to sun batching or swimming in the ocean. You might not spend a lot of time picturing what goes on your feet. 

However, this is a mistake. You don't want to be caught at the beach stuck in the wrong footwear. It can turn a relaxing beach vacation into an uncomfortable and stressful trip in a matter of minutes. 

That's why you should always wear sandals at the beach. Keep reading below to learn why this should be rule number one during your next visit to the beach. 

1. Help You Stay Comfortable 

One of the biggest annoyances at the beach is all the sand.

It doesn't matter what type of shoes you wear or how carefully you walk; sand will end up inside your shoes. It's unavoidable. And walking around with sand in your shoes can be uncomfortable, especially when the sand rubs against your skin. 

Sandals are open, so they can't trap sand against your feet. While the sand will get into your sandals, it will just fall right out again as you step, so you won't have to deal with painful scraps or sand burns later. 

2. Easy to Slide on and Off 

You've decided before you even leave the house. You won't be going into the ocean during your trip to the beach, so you put on your favorite sneakers. However, once you arrive and see the beautiful water, you can't resist dipping your feet in for a quick splash. 

That means you have to take off your shoes and socks and then carry them with you as you walk through the surf. 

Carrying shoes is no fun. Not only that, when it comes time to put them on again, you'll have to slide them on over your damp, sandy feet. And that's not a comfortable feeling. 

Wearing beach sandals gives you the freedom to take them on and off whenever you want. If you want to step into the ocean, you can kick your sandals off and put them back on again later in a matter of seconds. On top of that, beach sandals are lightweight, so they're easy to carry. 

3. You Won't Risk Ruining Your Shoes 

Remember, there is no escaping the sand when you go to the beach.

Your shoes will get full of sand, and it can be difficult to remove all that sand again. You might think dumping them out will take care of the problem, but that isn't always true. Sand can work its way into all the tiny cracks and crevices in your shoes, lingering for weeks or even months. 

Any time you wear sneakers to the beach, you also risk getting them wet. If you don't take the time to dry them properly after this, your shoes can become musty or even start to grow mold. On top of this, it can be hard to remove the beachy smell that comes with ocean water. 

Also, beach water is full of salt. Once on your shoes, this salt can damage your shoes and ruin their appearance. 

Beach sandals are designed to withstand the ocean, so you can wear them in the water without worrying about what will happen to them after that. 

4. Keep You From Overheating 

Did you know your feet play a big role in regulating your body temperature? If your feet get too hot, the rest of your body will feel overheated. 

Since the sun bakes the beach sand all day, the sand is often hot. When you walk across the beach, your foot sinks into the sand, which can quickly overheat your feet if you're wearing shoes. Sneakers don't give your feet much room to breathe. 

Wearing sandals keeps your feel cool, which can make your beach day much more enjoyable. 

5. Match Your Beach Outfit 

Traditional sneakers likely won't fit with your swimsuit or beach dress. If you want to complete your beach look, you'll need a pair of cute sandals to compliment the rest of your outfit. 

There are many different types of sandals you can choose from out there, so don't think wearing sandals will limit your self-expression or creativity. With a bit of shopping around, you'll be able to find a beach sandal that matches your style and that will keep you comfortable during your adventures. 

6. Fit in Your Beach Bag 

Sneakers are heavy, and they can significantly weigh down your beach bag. Since sandals are small and lightweight, you can slide them into almost any beach bag without noticing the difference. If you want to keep your hands free as you're strolling through the sand, you can tuck your sandals away for later. 

Even if you just carry a purse, there's a good chance you can still fit your sandals inside when you don't want to wear them. This makes sandals much more convenient for people who like going barefoot. 

7. Cheaper Than Shoes 

Are you worried about ruining your sandals as you climb over rocks and explore tidepools? Beach sandals tend to be much cheaper than traditional tennis shoes, so even if you do damage them, you can replace them at an affordable price. This means you can do whatever you want at the beach without fear of losing your sandals! 

Why You Should Always Wear Sandals at the Beach 

As you're planning your next beach vacation, don't forget to buy some comfortable sandals. When you wear sandals at the beach, you're able to enjoy your trip to the fullest and go wherever your feet can take you. 

Not sure where to find the right beach sandals? Don't hesitate to take a look at some of our options! If you have any questions or concerns, reach out to one of our team members at FLOJOS Sandals today! 

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