5 Big Benefits of Wearing Flip Flops Over Closed-Toe Shoes

5 Big Benefits of Wearing Flip Flops Over Closed-Toe Shoes

Flip flops are convenient, versatile, and not to mention stylish.

During the pandemic, flip-flop sales saw an increase. Comfort and casual became a priority in lockdown. Online searches for flip-flops increased 53%.

Did you know flip flops are also beneficial? You probably already know the benefits of closed-toed shoes, but don't count out flip-flops. Continue reading to learn three significant benefits of wearing flip-flops.

1. Flip Flops Are Breathable

On a hot summer day, flip-flops are the perfect footwear choice

Enjoy the sand between your toes. Flip flops are the ultimate beach day staple, allowing you to rinse off your sandy feet quickly. Flojos offers a variety of sandals and flip-flops for the entire family.

Flojos Fiji men's sandal is perfect for the beach or casual wear. The burnished faux leather strap provides a neutral look. The Bahia women's sandal offers a colorful faux canvas strap adjoined to a comfortable footbed. 

Flojos offers a wide assortment of kid's sandals, perfect for your youngster's summer outing. Your feet will enjoy the freedom to breathe on those warm days.

Allow your feet to experience freedom from closed-toed shoes. Flip-flops will provide you with a laid-back vibe you can enjoy from the office or the beach.

2. Versatility

If you prefer wearing flip-flops, you are aware of the versatility they offer. Dress them up or down. Wearing Flip flops offer a quick outfit accessory.

Not all flip-flops are created equally. Invest in a pair of flip flops that will last, backed by a company that values quality. Flojos takes pride in offering versatile, comfortable flip flops and sandals for the entire family. 

Comfortable enough for everyday wear or packable for a quick change after work. Your pair of Flojos will become your favorite pair of shoes. The unique patterns and colors will give you the freedom to add a little fun to your wardrobe.

If you desire a splash of color or prefer neutral tones, Flojos has a sandal for you. Your entire family can enjoy the versatility that flip-flops have to offer. Flojos offers sizes as small as infant sandals for your littlest family members.

Buy a pair for everyone and discover what makes Flojos flip flops and sandals an everyday choice in footwear. Protect your feet and enjoy comfort every step of the way.

3. Convenience

Flip-flops are an excellent footwear choice if you are in a mad dash to run out the door.

The convenience of simply being able to slide your feet into a comfortable pair of flip-flops is hard to beat. The nuisance of trying to find a matching pair of socks becomes a thing of the past. 

Flip flops are packable. If you find yourself traveling a lot, you can conveniently stow them in your bag. The convenience factor is hard to beat. It is understandable why so many prefer flip-flops to close-toed shoes. 

If your toddler isn't a fan of socks and closed-toed shoes, flip-flops make an excellent choice for those busy little feet.

4. Customer Satisfaction

The longevity of quality flip flops is something to be appreciated. Flojos values loyal customers. Purchasing footwear from a reputable company you can trust with the quality you can count on is essential. 

If for some reason you are unsatisfied with your purchase, Flojos offers returns on new or unworn items for exchange. Manufacturer defective items are also available for exchange only. 

Slipping on your favorite pair of flip flops is something to be celebrated. If you live in a climate that sees typical cold weather, your trusty pair of Flojos will be the comfort you look forward to on vacation. 

Investing in a company that values customer satisfaction can make you feel good about your purchase. 

Flojos enjoys connecting with valued customers. You can reach Flojos by phone, email, or stop by and say hello in Irvine, CA. Connect on social media to keep up with the latest company updates and releases. 

Unmatched customer service will make you look forward to your next Flojos purchase. 

5. Inspire Happiness

Think of a happy memory.

Flip flops instantly inspire those summertime vibes. Maybe you take a tropical vacation annually or enjoy those memorable backyard barbecues surrounded by friends and family.

Flip flops and sandals immediately become that summertime staple we can't live without. The unmatched comfort and support offered by a great pair of flip flops are unmatched. 

So the next time you're packing for a cruise, trip to Hawaii, or soaking up some sun in SoCal, grab your favorite pair of Flojos. Take them along for the journey. They are sure to make you smile when you reminisce on those vacation memories you've made.

The Original California Soul

Since 1972, Flojos has provided comfort and style with a splash of west coast vibe. Flojos sandals are designed for hanging out. These comfortable and stylish products are sure to please.

If you have a worn pair of Flojos at home, be sure to enter the worn Wednesday giveaway. You could win a free pair of Flojos sandals! If you are new to the Flojos brand, be sure to check out the customer reviews.

Buy your pair of Flojos today. Experience the comfort and durability first hand.

Find Out What Makes Flojos Special

Why wear flip flops? The answer is simple!

Flip flops offer comfort and protection with unmatched convenience. 

Flojos is proud to offer unique, attractive footwear that will last for years to come. Specializing in comfort, find out what makes Flojos special.

Contact us today, let us help you find the perfect pair of Flojos flip flops. Your feet will thank you. 

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