How to Choose the Best Baby Sandals for Walking and Playtime

How to Choose the Best Baby Sandals for Walking and Playtime

A moment you will never forget - when your little one takes his or her first steps. 

Ensuring that your baby has the best sandals for walking and playing while providing comfort is important. Continue reading to learn more about baby sandals and what factors you should consider. 

Baby Sandals

The first step in finding the perfect pair of infant sandals is having your child's foot properly measured. Your little one's feet should be measured while they are standing to get an accurate measurement.

Make sure your tot doesn't scrunch his or her toes. Ideally, you should find a half-inch area of space between your child's toes and the edge of the sandal. 


The most important aspect of shopping for baby sandals is comfort. Your little one's infant sandals should be comfortable upon the first step and have no break-in period.

You may want to purchase sandals on sale that are several sizes larger. If you plan on saving them for later use this is fine, however, you should avoid putting sandals that are too large on your child. Sandals that are too big could lead to problems with foot development or your child could fall and become injured.

If your baby has recently started walking finding a pair of comfortable infant sandals will give your baby the support he or she needs. You may use a foot scale to determine your infant's sandal size or you can try tracing their foot on a sheet of paper before taking any measurements.


At Flojos, if your infant sandals arrive with any defects, don't worry. Flojos, will gladly replace your purchase with a shoe of equal or lesser value.

If your little one loves their Flojos so much that they are worn out, it's time to buy a new pair! While Flojos doesn't accept trade-ins, be sure to check out the latest offers online to find your infant's next pair of sandals. 

You need to remember each companies warranty policies are different. If you are unable to find the information you need online consider reaching out to the company directly. A customer service representative will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Return or Exchange Options

Be sure to review return or exchange options thoroughly before making a purchase. Children outgrow shoes quickly, each manufacturer has different policies regarding the return or exchange of merchandise.

Flojos requires that all returns be completed within thirty days from the date of purchase. Once you receive your order have your little one try on their new sandals right away. This will give you ample time for any returns or exchanges needed.

If for some reason your baby sandals are defective be sure to take close-up photos and follow up with customer service. A Flojos representative will reach out to you typically within one business day. You will then receive instructions on how to return the defective item and an authorization number.

A Quick Fix

Flojos offer versatility in cute compact infant sandals.

You've likely been out running errands with your baby and witnessed the dreaded shoe throw. Infants and toddlers can often be resistant when it comes to wearing socks and shoes for the first time.

The beauty of infant sandals is the ability to dress them up or down. Throw them on your tot for a fun day at the beach or carry them along in your little one's diaper bag as a quick slip-on shoe option.

Your baby will appreciate the breathable nature of Flojos tyke sandals. He or she can walk around in comfort. These durable flip-flops with a strap can easily be stowed away for your little one's next adventure. 

Moms and dads will appreciate an adorable sandal that provides comfort and convenience. 

Customer Satisfaction

There's nothing like word of mouth to ensure you are getting the best deal on your infant's sandals. To discover what other parents think, try checking out online reviews. Online reviews can be a wonderful resource to find the best deals on quality shoes.

On the Flojos website, you can quickly navigate to the contact us webpage. This provides you with options for contacting the brand via phone, email, or in person. 

A company that stands behind its product says a lot. Investing in quality apparel for yourself and your little one is something you can appreciate over time.

If you are satisfied with your experience and a loyal brand follower, consider leaving a positive review online. Sharing your knowledge of the best baby sandals that have worked for your little one could be helpful to other parents. 

Selecting the Perfect Baby Sandals

Flojos "Tyke" is a popular choice in baby girl sandals. The Tyke features a padded strap, soft foam footbed, and an elastic back strap for support.

You can rest assured your little wanderer will walk in comfort. The rubber sole offers extra stability for the busiest of walkers.

Flojos Tyke is also available in baby boy's sandals. Your little one will look adorable in black and blue or blue gingham sandals. The baby girl Tyke sandal is available in brown, fuchsia, or pink. 

These neutral color schemes will have your baby looking their very best.

Original California Soul

Flojos has been bringing comfort since 1972 offering a variety of stylish products. Flip flops, sandals, and shoes are made with the highest quality in mind. 

If you are in search of the perfect baby sandals, look no further. As your little one grows, Flojos offers a variety of fun stylish kids sandals and shoes. Contact us to find out what makes us the original California soul and why you can't go wrong with Flojos. 

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