The Best Slide Sandals to Wear to the Spa or Pool

The Best Slide Sandals to Wear to the Spa or Pool
You can find a pair of slides on just about anyone! They versatile when it comes to gender and style. Slides are the perfect slip-on shoe for a day at the beach, a visit to the pool, or an appointment at the spa. The best slide sandals can be worn anywhere. And if you find a stylish enough pair, you can even pair them with your favorite outfits! Men and women alike are becoming more fond of the slide sandal and there's a good reason for it. Slides take no time to place on your feet. They're the best shoe for a quick out-the-door option. Because of this, they're even a wonderful choice of shoes for children! When you need to get out the door fast without taking away from your style, a good pair of slides is the way to go. For everything, you need to know about the best slide sandals to wear to the pool or spa, continue reading below!

What to Look for in a Slide

There are a few things that you need to look for in a slide when choosing the right pair for you. Unfortunately, not all slides are made the same. Some will become your favorite pair of shoes to wear to any occasion, while others will become the long lost sandal in the back of your closet. To find the right slide for you, be sure to keep an eye out for these factors listed below.


Comfort should be one of the first things you look for in a pair of slides. Is the outsole of the shoe thick or thin? What type of material is it made out of? Be sure to do some research on the slide before selecting it.


Just because it's a slide sandal doesn't mean it shouldn't support your foot. Look into how much support the slide can provide your feet with. Is there an arch on the slide? Is the inner sole thick enough to keep your feet from feeling like they're walking on the ground?


You'll also want to look for some type of slip-resistant slide. Take a look at the bottom of the slide and determine how much traction it provides. The last thing you want is to take a fall while at the pool or spa.


The very last thing that you should look for is style. Slides can be very stylish, so don't settle for a pair that doesn't do anything for you. Browse through your options and find something that you know you could wear with just about any outfit in your closet!

Making Your Selection

Now that you know all of the qualities to look for in a slide, it's time to find the right pair for you! Below are several options of slides that are sure to please.

1. Flojos Shannon

The Flojos Shannon slide is a perfect option for women. Its heel and strap come fabric-lined to keep your feet comfortable all day long. The unique pattern on the top of the strap keeps this pair of slides stylish and one of a kind. These slides do only come in black, but the material makes it easy to match with anything. For only $37, this pair of slides can be yours!

2. Flojos Duke

The Flojos Duke slide is a perfect option for men. The strap on the Duke slide is covered in fabric to make things more comfortable. The strap is also velcro-fastening, making it a great fit for all foot types. If you need it a bit tighter or if you need to loosen it, you can do so! Guys will love being able to slip on this pair of slides and head out the door in no time. The Duke slide comes in two different colors. You can choose from either black weave or brown. The black weave option is solid black for the entire slide. When choosing the brown option, the strap and outsole are brown while the rest remains black.

3. Flojos Luciana

The Flojos Luciana slide is another great option for women. This is one of the more stylish options as it comes with a faux leather strap made with a huarache style. It's the perfect selection for any woman looking to make a statement while at the spa or salon. This slide comes with a covered footbed and a rubber outsole. You also have a few color options to choose from. You can choose an all tan slide, a black and tan slide, or a white and tan slide. The only thing that changes colors between these different options is the strap. The rest of the slide remains tan.

4. Flojos Leah

The Flojos Leah slide is yet another wonderful stylish slide option for women. What makes this slide stand out from the rest? The strap is only a half strap and is a thong-style. The strap has studded bead accents along the top of it and there's a slight arch as well for optimal foot support. When selecting this slide, you can choose from either black or brown. No matter which color you choose, you're sure to turn heads!

Find the Best Slide Sandals Here!

Luckily, the best slide sandals can all be found in one place. Choose from this list of stylish slides or be sure to take a few minutes to browse through some of our other sandal options as well. Click here to begin your shopping adventure!

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