Are Winter Sandals a New Style or Just a Passing Fad?

Are Winter Sandals a New Style or Just a Passing Fad?
Many things in this world work so well together. Even thinking about certain combinations is satisfying. Parings such as peanut butter and jelly, tortilla chips and nacho cheese, olives, and martinis, these dynamic duos were created to go hand in hand. Then there are the combinations that make us recoil in disgust and wonder what happened to cause society to go so terribly wrong. Unfathomable trends such as Hot Cheetos and milk, pineapples on pizza, or any show on the TLC network are all trends that baffle the mind. Then somewhere in between are those combinations that kind-of work depending on your perspective. One such example is winter sandals. At first glance, the phrase winter sandal looks like an oxymoron created deep within the halls of a marketing department. Sandals are a summer shoe. Winter is cold. Putting them together is the footwear version of Hot Cheetos and Milk—or is it?

What Are Winter Sandals

The idea of a winter sandal begs the mind to imagine some unicorn of shoes specially made for winter coupled with the carefree, show off my pedicure style that summer footwear brings. Like Schrodinger's cat, the winter sandal is precisely that, and yet, not that at all. The term winter sandal refers to any open-toe shoe that appears in our fair cities long after Jack Frost has come to visit. Many have taken the phrase "beauty is pain" and tested mother nature by tempting frostbite for the sake of fashion. Even celebrities have taken to this trend. Among such star-studded trendsetters are the likes of Kate Hudson and Sienna Miller. They are hitting the streets with open-toe shoes paired with long thick jackets, scarves, and other winter wear. This style laughs in the face of traditional convention. It challenges everyone to brave frigid temperatures and walk through the snow in open-toed shoes. It begs everyone to disobey any preconceived laws of fashion. Yet this slightly rebellious attitude has gotten us into trouble before. To prove this, all you have to do is look at old pictures from your childhood. When All Else Fails-Ask the Fashion Gods Fashion is hard. If it were easy, then there wouldn't be so many discount fashion bins filled with "The Man, The Legend" t-shirts and beige cargo shorts. So, where do you turn? As in life, when times get difficult, you seek the advice of a higher power. In fashion, you seek the advice of those who have made millions from guiding the masses through generations of clothing trends. When asked about winter sandals, summed up their advice in two words, "it's situational." Obviously, for those that reside in a region where snow blankets the ground in mass quantity, there are some risks to braving the open toe shoes without any protection from extended exposure to the elements, its just an open invitation for the seasonal flu. On the other hand, for those that reside in a region where most winter days consist of you switching from the heat at night to the AC in the morning (here's looking at you Florida,) it makes more sense. Not everyone experiences the same "winter," and with the average temperature here on planet earth increasing, sandals may be the go-to shoe for everyone soon enough.

The Benefits of Sandals in Winter

All is not lost for the winter sandal. There are some benefits to wearing this shoe year-round. Fashion designers have added some winter-friendly embellishments that make the sandal the preferred choice for any season. With fur-lined interiors, some sandals help keep your feet warm without having to enclose your entire foot. With criss-cross straps, secure metal clasps, and the added benefit of rubber soles, sandals are explicitly designed to help keep you on the right footing. Ice and snow are no match for this particular design. The design of the sandal has come a long way throughout the years. Now, with better arch support, your feet do not grow tired, significantly decreasing the risk of injury. For those that prefer a more straightforward design, there is always the classic vogue flip-flop that can be paired with any outfit.

Sandals Are a Lifestyle

Whether you rock the flip flop in winter or open-toe shoes all year long, you know that the sandal is one item that never goes out of style. It's the calling card of the beachgoer or the adventure-seeking wanderlust. Sandals are more than a fashion style statement; they're a lifestyle. Those who wear sandals show the world that they do not follow traditional rules. They do not buy into the endless cultural programming designed to dictate what we wear. Love it or hate it, sandals are even making their way to the biggest black-tie events of the winter season. No other time was this evident than when Frances McDormand wore sandals with her gown to the 2019 Oscars.

The Evolution of Personal Style

The bottom line, if you want to wear winter sandals, then wear winter sandals. There are very few places that can tell you what to wear. There are universal laws of public decency. There are workplace attire rules and things you don't want to show up in court wearing, but in general,  your style is yours to control. If you're interested in other great articles regarding various topics, then check out our blog online. For more information regarding our fantastic selection of sandals and other footwear, check out our inventory and let us know how we can help.

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