Comfortable, Cozy, and for Every Occasion: Here are the Best Sandals for Men

Comfortable, Cozy, and for Every Occasion: Here are the Best Sandals for Men
Here in sunny Southern California, we have the pleasure of wearing flip flops and sandals all year round. After all, if you had the option between comfy sandals or dress shoes, which one would you pick? The greatest thing about sandals is that many are work-appropriate, meaning you can ditch the dress shoes and slip on some convenient and comfortable footwear. Are you wondering what the best ones on the market are? Here are some of the best sandals for men so you know what footwear to purchase next.

Original Flojos

Let's start off with our iconic sandal: the Original Flojos. This sandal has a unique design that's easily recognizable from a mile away. They are made of all rubber, which means it's perfect for wearing in any condition, especially at the beach. Also, it has a cross strap that's designed to give your feet maximum comfort. The Original Flojos are unisex, so if you end up loving these, you can also pick up a pair for the lady in your life. For those who want choices, then you'll be glad to know that this sandal comes in black and ivory.

Flojos Pascule

Because the Original Flojos are unisex, the design may be too feminine for some. If that is the case, you should look into the Flojos Pascule. This sandal's rubber sole is waterproof, which is perfect if you spend a lot of time at the beach. Plus, the Flojos Pascule has a lightweight design so you'll barely notice you have sandals on. This footwear has two thick straps; one runs across the top of your feet and the other gives you ankle support. They're both adjustable, which means you'll get a snug fit without it being too tight. This sandal comes in just one color: brown. The straps themselves have a Mexi Blanket design, making it look festive and cozy.


Flojos Duke

Are you looking for a pair of sandals you can slip on and off in a flash? Then take a look at the Flojos Duke. The Flojos Duke have an open back, so you won't have to bother with adjusting an ankle strap after you've put on your sandals. Simply slip the footwear on, and you're good to go! Comfortable and thick fastening straps run across the top of your feet, and are adjustable. Use the Velcro on them to make sure the sandals won't fly off while you're out and about. The design of the Flojos Duke make them perfect for lounging around in or going to the beach. No matter where you go, you'll arrive in comfort and style. The Flojos Duke come in colors of black weave and brown.

Flojos Powell

The Flojos Powell use a similar strap design as the Original Flojos, so if you like that look, then you'll like this sandal. However, this footwear has its own unique features, which makes it a better choice for some men. At first glance, it seems like the only difference between this sandal and the Original Flojos is the material used: the sole is rubber, but the straps are made of textile. On the Original Flojos, the cross strap is not adjustable. With the Flojos Powell, there are actually 3 adjustable straps, which means you can get the best fit possible when you wear these sandals. Also, the sole isn't flat. It's slightly arched so your feet won't get tired after a few hours of walking. Because it's made of rubber, it's perfect for exploring the great outdoors with. The Flojos Powell comes in 3 different colors: maroon/brown, tan/brown, and black.

Flojos Badlands

For those of you who like designs that catch your eye, then you'll like the Flojos Badlands. These sandals look like flip flops, but feature a grid-like sole that gives your feet comfort and traction. These offer a unique twist on both sandals and flip flops, as the design is quite unique. You'll be sure to travel in style and comfort if you get yourself a pair of Flojos Badlands. These come in a stunning array of colors, such as gray/black/red, black/light gray, and plain black.

Bonus: ECCO Men's Yucatan Sandal

If you're looking to splurge, then the ECCO Men's Yucatan sandal may be something to consider. This sandal can cost up to $250, but it's definitely worth it. This sandal is made of leather and textile, and the sole is made of rubber. It features a highly arched sole, so if you have any foot problems, this sandal may help when you're outside being active. To get a personalized fit, this footwear has several adjustable straps so your sandals stay on without squeezing your feet too much. While the sandal looks bulky, you'll be pleased to know they're actually pretty lightweight. A main feature you'll enjoy is ECCO Fluidform, which is proprietary technology which explains the comfortable cushioning on the sandal. It also has a full rubber outsole, which gives a fantastic grip, no matter what kind of terrain you're on. 

Purchase the Best Sandals for Men

The best sandals for men are not only comfortable, but stylish as well. This is why Flojos sandals are definitely the best investment! Our footwear is made with high-quality materials that provide great arch support, so you'll be able to walk around for hours without feeling any discomfort. So buy yourself a pair or two to experience what Flojos has to offer. Plus, they're super affordable! Ready to pick up some new sandals? Then take a look at our selection now!

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