Is There Such a Thing as Sandals for Winter?

Is There Such a Thing as Sandals for Winter?

Do you ever wear socks with sandals?

This can be one of the most polarizing fashion questions EVER. But even if you answered "No," you can still get in on the hottest shoe trend of 2022.

That's right: sandals are no longer for summer! Keep reading for this complete guide to rocking sandals for winter.

Special Sandals for Winter

Did you know that there are winter sandal styles that are designed especially for the coldest season?

These look like ordinary slides, wedges, or flip flops, but with a twist. They feature awesome winterized modifications. This is good news, because the first question many people ask is, "Won't my feet freeze in sandals?"

They definitely won't freeze. Why? Because many winter sandals use Sherpa fabric.

This man-made, fluffy lining has the appearance of shearling and boasts many benefits. Sherpa or faux fur is often inside the winter sandal, either in the strap or on the footbed. It might also be found on the outside, giving the shoe a fluffy, adorable look.

The furry lining of these "Sherpa sandals" makes them extremely warm, even if your toes are exposed. First-timers to winter sandals are often shocked that the warmth spreads evenly over the whole foot. Your toes will love to burrow into the thick, warm fuzz.

Another common wintery feature is suede or leather on the outside of the sandal. Some sandals incorporate cute winter clothing tie-ins, such as these outdoor slippers with sweater ribbing detail.

The winter sandal usually has a very padded footbed and a thick rubber sole. This is to prevent the transfer of cold from the icy ground to your foot. It also makes them safer on slick ground.

As an added bonus, thick soles make winter sandals extremely comfortable! You can accomplish miles of walking, taking in the beautiful winter scenery. 

Sandals are lighter than clunky leather boots, and they let your feet breathe. This makes them superior for winter footwear. And if you're worried about snow, look for cute wedges that keep you elevated.

How to Wear Winter Sandals

Since winter sandals often have a fluffy lining, they can be worn comfortably with or without socks. Many people decide to pair them with patterned, bold tights.

Chunky Sherpa sandals look great with skinny jeans. Look for Sherpa that is classic white, dyed, or patterned like leopard print. Sandals with quilted tops also look fabulous here.

Sandals made from felted wool can perfectly tie together an outfit when paired with a matching felt hat or colorful wool overcoat.

Fluffy outdoor slippers in candy tones like pink and pastel blue give off that cute bunny vibe. These pair great with slouch pants, chic yoga wear, or elegant sweats.

Wearing socks in neutral beiges and creams complements the originality of the shoe itself. Pairing your winter sandals with casualwear like cocoon cardigans gives uniformity to your aesthetic. 

However, don't feel inhibited by the stereotype of sandals being casual. Slides with black leather and Sherpa lining can complete any edgy, urban ensemble. Rustic suede with stitchwork and tassels looks outdoorsy and wild.

Winter wedges with very high heels can easily dress up a pair of jeans and a puffy jacket. A chunky pair can also provide a fashionable contrast when paired with a sleek, form-fitting dress.

Get bold with your footwear. Trend-setters like Kim Kardashian and Margot Robbie have already been spied wearing sandals in the middle of winter. Fashionistas all over Paris, New York, and London are taking notice.

With the recent trend towards comfort and loungewear, winter sandals walk the line perfectly between stylish and cozy. 

Wear Any Sandal in Winter

Now for the big secret reveal: any sandals can be worn in the winter! All you need to do is style them appropriately.

Styling sandals for winter could simply involve wearing a pair of heavy stockings underneath. These stockings look like tights and provide warmth without the bulk.

Pairing sandals with goofy knee or ankle socks provide a trendy influencer vibe. 

That's right: young people are once again hot for the socks and sandals combo. This look is frequently paired with baggy or ripped jeans, ribbed shirts, and cute knit beanies. 

People are even making special knit socks for flip flops. These get rid of the dreaded camel-toed sock. They also keep your socks from getting stretched out by your favorite rubber slippers. 

When choosing sandals to wear outdoors in the winter, look for features like waterproofing and rubber soles. Some sandals are more ideal for indoor use, and others are designed for dry summer days. These could get ruined by slush, and disintegrate in snow. 

Even your strappiest sandal can be worn in the winter. When you are layered with coats and scarves, a lightweight shoe provides instant class to your outfit. Although not recommended for long hikes out of doors, you'd be surprised at how little your toes suffer when the rest of you is bundled up warm.

Sandals also pair great with a slouchy suit, for that carelessly-powerful aesthetic. 

Sandals: Fun and Trendy All Year

There are many ways you can enjoy sandals for winter wear. You might buy a warm, fluffy pair designed especially for cold weather. Or you can simply dress up regular sandals for the season. 

Whichever you choose, sandals are perfect all year long! Don't give up light and comfortable sandals just because the thermometer drops. Check out our great selection of sandals and find your new dream pair today! 

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