5 Great Sandals for Your Casual Lifestyle

5 Great Sandals for Your Casual Lifestyle
Are you looking for the best shoes that suit your day-to-day needs this summer? These are 5 great sandals that may be perfect for you!
Temperatures are high, school is out, and work schedules are lighter. It is the perfect time to get casual, from your head to your toes.  Whether you are strolling down quiet country lanes or running to catch a cab in a busy metropolis, now is the time you can forgo those formal heels and show off some great sandals. Here are five must-have sandals for the summer of 2020.

1. Slides

Every man and woman needs a reliable pair of slides in their closet. In fact, you wear them so often, you may want to have several pairs handy for all of your sandal needs. You should have a practical pair of slides to protect your tootsies in public places.  Whether you are showering at the gym or going to a public pool, you want to stay safe from those highly contagious foot fungi. Kids especially should have slides handy when they are running around playgrounds, water parks, and other populated play areas.  But slides are not just for practicality.  They come in many colors and looks so that they can be stylish as well.  A leather slide makes a nice option for men on a hot day worn with a pair of linen shorts or trousers. For ladies, a brightly colored pair of slides is a nice accompaniment to a flowing skirt or caftan. You will look equally fashionable at the beach or at a cocktail party.  Some believe a cool sparkly slide is the best sandal for women, for day or nighttime wear.

2. Flip Flops 

Flip flops are a staple of every summer wardrobe for every member of the family, at every age. Kids will literally live in them all summer. And they are affordable, so if they misplace a pair (or just one!), it's no problem to replace them. Stock up on a variety. Hand them out at your clam bakes and beach blanket parties. Keep a pair in every bedroom for guests. They are useful for discouraging people from tracking sand or mud into your beach cottage.  Once thought only appropriate for casual events like barbeques, now flip flops are worn at every kind of occasion. We've seen beach weddings where everyone is in flip flops! They can also be such a relief for bridesmaids after a long night of dancing.  Flip flops look great with every outfit during the summer months, from long dresses to rompers. They won't take up much room in your overnight bag for those impromptu getaways.  You can go for traditional flip flops in inexpensive rubber or fancier styles in leather.  Designers are decorating them with all kinds of pretty beads, fringe, and jeweled appliques. 

3. Athletic Sandals 

Sometimes your feet need a little more support than a flat sandal. If you are an athlete engaged in any kind of training or sport, you can find great sandals as an alternative to wearing sneakers every day. There are many brands of athletic sandals that will give you the support you need while keeping air on your toes.   Atheltic sandals, made in neoprene or other hardy materials, also are great if you are competing in water sports or triathlons, where you will be running on a variety of surfaces and getting wet. The best brands are lightweight, too, so they do not weigh you down!  Even if you are not a big triathlete, there are situations where flip flops are simply not appropriate. If you are hiking the Grand Canyon, you do not want to see your footwear go tumbling down a ravine! For any kind of activity where the ground is unsteady and you need your balance, look for shoes that will grip your ankles and also have sturdy treads on the soles.  Athletic sandals are also great for all water-related activities, like kayaking, canoeing, and white water rafting. You may also appreciate them if you are on a rocky or pebbly beach. Kids like to wear them in lakes so they don't feel the weeds and squishiness under their toes. 

4. Gladiators 

Gladiator sandals are named after those sexy Romans, male and female, who laced their footwear all the way up their legs under their togas. These sandals are still fun and flirty centuries later.  Gladiator sandals signify power. Look at what Wonder Woman wears on her feet!  Now, gladiators may not be ideal for a beach day. However, they are a perfect casual shoe for outdoor summertime fun like a big music festival or Burning Man. Many of the top-rated women sandals in this style come in metallic shades, for that extra pizzazz.  Make sure you ave a pretty pedicure when you wear these babies because all the attention will be on your legs and feet. You also want to break these in before you hit Coachella: it's no fun to get blisters from your new sandals on their first big outing with no place to change. 

5. Chunky 

Chunky sandals are fun, too, for casual events where you want that long, lean leg you get from a tall heel. This year the designers showed all sorts of chunky platforms with cork, clear, or wooden soles. Again,  these towering beauties may not be perfect for clambering over the rocks or sprinting along the sand. These are best for a night out with your besties or a date with that special someone.  Braided espadrilles are a fun, classic look with a chunky wedge heel. You can even find athletic sandals with a high chunk of a heel!  With everything seventies being really hot right now, people are embracing that funkadelic look of high platforms with shorts, minis, or even wide bell bottoms. 

Complete Your Fun Summer Look with Great Sandals!

Great sandals are the finishing touch for every great outfit, from a fun platform heel for the evening to a casual kicky slide for early mornings on the beach.  You don't have to spend a fortune, either. You can look chic and casual for a reasonable price when you choose a fun pair of sandals to fit your mood. You can even buy your friends matching pairs! For more ways to stay cool and fun in the summer sun, check out our footwear here. 

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