The Most Comfortable Flip Flops For Lots of Walking

The Most Comfortable Flip Flops For Lots of Walking
What if we all still called flip flops "zoris?" This is the original term for thong sandals that are a staple in American fashion today.  We have Japanese culture to thank for this barely-there footwear. But with so many varieties on the market today, not all rubber sandals are a win.  Check out this list of the most comfortable sandals for your feet. You know, the ones you can walk all day in and still feel great.  

Original Flojos Rubber Sandals

We're going to start our list off strong with an OG in the Flojo lineup. These all-rubber sandals are specially designed to work on the beach, the boat, or anywhere else. With comfort in mind, they feature extra straps to secure these sandals to your feet. Unlike a traditional flip flop, these don't have any strap that goes between your toes.  A heel strap wraps around the back of your foot to secure the shoe to your foot. This makes it easy and comfortable to walk around all day.  You have two options when it comes to color: black or ivory. Then, there's a wide range of sizes that range from 5 through 14.


This slip-on sandal is ideal for walking around all day, with its nice wide straps that stay securely in place. Three straps lay flat across the top of your foot. The two straps that stretch across the top of your foot are adjustable; this gives your sandals a custom fit. Then, there's a strap that wraps around the back of your heel.  The webbed material of the straps will feel comfortable against your skin and dry quickly.  A textured EVA footbed provides a secure base for your feet. This makes them perfect for the beach, the boat, or any other adventure you wear them on.  You have two colors to choose from: black and teal. 


These are the perfect sandals for when you want to go on an all-day wilderness adventure but still want to wear your sandals. They offer rugged durability that'll carry you wherever you want to go.  You can create a completely custom fit with the three solid adjustable straps. One goes over the top of your foot by your toes. Then, another is just in front of your ankle, and the third is behind your heel.  When it comes to the footbed, the heel seat cradles your foot and keeps it secure and held in place.  Each strap is lined in mesh to encourage airflow and comfort during long-term wear. You have three color options to choose from: gray/black, black, and brown. 


Take the original rubber Flojo sandal and elevate it to the Powell. This stylish sandal features the same "X" strap design that wraps over the top of your foot.  Unlike the Flojo, the straps on this sandal are made from a webbed strap. These sandals are securely held in place with each strap securely fastened on either side of the foot. They wrap around to the ankle and behind the heel.  Three adjustable straps ensure you can create a custom fit to your feet. Under them, the footbed has a slight arch to mirror the shape of the bottom of your foot.  These features ensure your feet will feel great, even after a full day of walking. There's also a textured pattern to the footbed; this will keep your foot from sliding in the sandal.  You have three color options to choose from: black, tan/brown, and maroon/brown. 


Comfortable shoes don't have to be ugly, and the Pascule proves it. These stylish shoes feature two adjustable straps that go over the top of your foot. Then, there's one nonadjustable strap that wraps around your heel.  The placement of these straps gives you a high level of comfort and support for all-day wear. But enough about their functionality; let's get back to their looks.  The brown woven material is highlighted by decorative white, red, and gray stitching. Each strap has a slightly worn-in look with a gentle fraying along the edge.  The thinner sole of this shoe gives the sandal a light design. Don't be fooled by the thin design though; the sole is carefully shaped to support the shape of your foot. 


These cute sandals are more than just great looks; they also provide your feet with superior support. There's one solid strap made of super soft material that wraps over the top of your foot by your toes.  Slide your foot in and let the elastic straps crisscross over the top of your foot and around your ankle. Use the zipper on the back of the heel to secure the sandal in place.  The footbed is textured to provide superior traction and keep your foot secure in the shoe. The tan color is perfect for pairing with everything from your favorite pair of jeans to a cute maxi dress.  Sizes range from 5 through 11, so you're sure to find the perfect pair for you.

Get Your Own Comfy Sandals 

So which one of these rubber sandals fits your style? Don't buy just any pair. Buy some shoes that'll support your feet and give you comfort all day long.  Lower quality flip flops or sandals have a few thin straps. The sandals that we list here have nicely sized ones and shaped soles to provide support, security, and durability.  Browse our extensive collection of flip flops today and find the perfect pairs for you and your family. 

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