Your Work From Home Wardrobe: Loungewear and Sandals

Your Work From Home Wardrobe: Loungewear and Sandals

At this point, you made peace with the new normal. 

There are moments when you welcome it! It's hard to beat the comfort of being indoors all day without having to get glammed up. You're able to make some tea, put on some cozy clothes, and work from home completely relaxed. 

Comfortable loungewear is more essential than ever and everyone's wardrobe has shifted significantly. What once were closets filled with nightclub dresses are now replaced with oversized sweaters. 

One of the hottest new wardrobe staples you may not have considered yet is sandals! Most people prefer to be barefoot but that's because they haven't discovered the magic of a good pair of sandals for home. It's time to give sandals the renaissance moment they deserve. 

Read on to find out how sandals can elevate your homebody game and which are right for you.

Types of Sandals

There's a reason for the stereotype of women owning too many shoes. Instead of making it a negative thing, let's encourage the same for men. You can never have too many shoes and half the fun is discovering what your new favorite pair is.

Nowadays, it's difficult to find anyone eager to put on some heels. It's all about comfort. That can come in a variety of flavors though. Let's go through the most popular types of sandals during this quarantine time.  

Flip Flops

One of the most casual favorites, flip flops. These are usually inexpensive, comfortable, and convenient. You don't have to sacrifice style either, flip flops are versatile.

From material to design, there's plenty of flip flops to fit your needs. Those random grocery trips you don't feel like getting ready for? Throw on a dress and some flip flops and you're ready to go.

Sports Sandals

For those who love to stay active and visit the outdoors even more than usual, sports sandals are for you. They're made of comfortable, durable material. These are the best sandals for hiking or if you need to go for long walks once your cabin fever starts to hit.

Trendy Slides 

You've seen these around, they've taken the fashion world by storm recently. Slides are often backless and open-toed, with one big strap or many straps around the toe area. 

Slides often have the versatility and convenience of flip flops but in a different form. Slides can range from more athletic, to casual and there are even heeled slides. 

Wedge Sandals

Wedge sandals have a sole in the form of a wedge, there's a variety of them to choose from. Wedges are great because they can be used casually but they'll still have you professional. They also add height without the discomfort that you get from high heels. 

Did you know that the ancient Greeks used them to symbolize status? It's easy to see why, they add a unique flair to any outfit. 

Dressy Flats

People are going to find ways to celebrate events even if they're forced to be at home. Sometimes, it isn't only about the most comfortable. There's a big birthday coming up and you want to feel dressed up even if only your roommates will see you.

This is where you bring out dressy flats. These often have a very thin sole and either spaghetti straps or something more decorative. There's plenty of vibrant colors to choose from but the fancier ones are often black, white, or metallic.

Wardrobe Staples

You found a pair (or pairs) you love. Hard to beat that feeling. Now there's a new concern, what do you wear it with? 

Even if you're home all day, there's still a sense of being put together to uphold. There are even arguments popping up about the best way to dress when working from home. Maybe the answer is to switch it up? 

There are countless ways you can choose to explore the spectrum of comfort vs. professionalism. It's exciting to add a new challenge when thinking of your daily outfits. 

The first thing to consider is color. There are white sandals, black sandals, sandals inspired by all colors of the rainbow - you get the gist.

It's hard to go wrong with the basic colors, they go with practically every outfit. Simple black shirt, comfortable jeans, and black flip-flops. Throw in a gold necklace for good measure. 

Sometimes though, you're feeling more adventurous. Let's think bohemian: the flowing maxi dress and a pair of colorful sandals.

What about when you're expected to be on a video call and you decide to commit to office chic? One of the biggest trends right now is the cool, slouchy look. Throw on an oversized blazer, subtle plaid pants, and some wedges. 

There's also an option for those of you who love loungewear and want an elevated version of sleepwear. an oversized cashmere sweater, some quilted pants, and slides will be exactly what you're looking for. 

The best part of all these outfits is that they're perfect if you're in a pinch. Need to run out to get some last-minute snacks? You can rest assured that whatever you choose to wear, it'll look better than pajamas.

All this free time and change in routine is bound to alter your wardrobe staples. Take this time to explore your style! 

You might realize you can never go back to high heels after all.

Find Your Perfect Sandals for Home

There's a never-ending list of things you can do to make your time indoors easier and more comfortable. Whether you work from home or are just spending the day relaxing, there are countless options to consider when it comes to sandals for home. 

Everything from sports sandals to dressy flats -whatever your new normal is, there are types of sandals ready to be part of it. 

The best part about sandals? They can work with your existing wardrobe or they'll enhance whatever impulse outfits you end up buying. So rest assured, you'll be comfortable and fashionable with little effort.

Ready to make your new home life more comfortable? Sit back, relax, and check out our blog.

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