The Fashion Necessity of White Sandals

The Fashion Necessity of White Sandals

Women spend hundreds of dollars every year on shoes that only go a few outfits in their wardrobe. It seems as if there is no universal shoe to slide on for your day. However, that couldn't be further from the truth.

One of the most versatile and comfortable shoes you can incorporate into your daily life is a white sandal. This fashion essential can become a staple item in your wardrobe. Here is a guide on how to wear and how to care for your white sandals. 

Trendy White Sandals Outfit 

Adding white to your wardrobe may be intimidating, but adding a pair of white sandals can expand your outfit options. From espadrilles to strappy sandals to slides white sandals can be the perfect everyday accessory for a variety of outfits. 

White is a neutral that truly goes with everything. Whether you are dressing casual, business, or dressed up a white sandal can be the final addition to the perfect outfit. 

Women in White

Although white may be a fashion outcast after labor day, wearing white is a timeless fashion statement. White sandals can help to complement other white articles very well. Not only can wearing light colors such as white help to reflect light and keep you from getting as hot on a sunny day but it can also help to elevate your style and make you stand out. 

White outfits don't need to be reserved for the wedding season or high fashion. Even pairing a light white blouse with jeans and strappy white sandals can help you make it trendy even when you are rushing in the morning to get ready. 

White dresses are becoming even more popular for streetwear options. It is very common that your closet may half white and to keep your radiant glow from head to toe you can pair a simple white dress with either white mules or sandals to make a consistent outfit. 

Blue Contrast 

One of the best complimentary colors to white is blue whether that is a deep navy or sky blue white contrasts a monochromatic blue outfit beautifully. 

You can pair a denim jacket with either a bodycon or a-line simple blue dress and create a cohesive contrast by adding in a pair of white sandals. 

Paired with an a-line cut navy dress, white wedge sandals can really bring the outfit to the next level. You can further accessorize this classic fit with some pearl or faux pearl studs and a brown handbag can help to pull together your nautical aesthetic. 

Beachside Beauty

Even for a day laying out by the pool or laying out a beach blanket a flip-flop sandal is essential. Despite what swimsuit you are taking a dip in a white flip flop can go with either a solid or printed cover-up. This styling really helps to highlight how versatile a white shoe can be.  

Keep it Casual 

Graphic t-shirts are on longer than just for laundry day. Wearing a graphic t-shirt can help be your outward branding. Whether your shirt supporting a screened print of the band that you love listening to, a lifestyle quote you live by, or a brand you love this can be a great way to help express yourself through your clothing. 

When wearing a graphic t-shirt you can throw on your favorite denim shorts or distressed jeans and top it off with some flat white sandals. To make your casual outfit fit for the summer you can add a pair of oversized aviators. These can help keep the outfit comfortable but cohesive. 

Playful Pairing 

Your playful pairing of sandals can range from sundresses to a jumpsuit to a co-ord set all paired with a set of chunky strapped white sandals.  

You can never go wrong pairing a sundress with sandals. A midi-lengthed lightweight sundress can be accessories with an oversized or woven hobo bag and white sandals can be a perfect outfit for a day out with friends, a lunch date, or a picture-ready vacation. 

A wide-legged muted toned jumpsuit with a cinched waist compliments many women's figures and can help to make women feel comfortable and trendy. A jumpsuit like this pairs beautifully with a white slide sandal and either a neutral clutch or small crossbody bag can be a comfortable outfit for traveling, spending a day shopping, or even hanging out. 

Co-ord sets are a great trendy wardrobe selection for the spring and summer seasons.  As it gets warmer for the annual revitalization of these stylish two-piece sets will begin and you will be in need of a pair of strappy sandals to complete these looks. 

Comfortable Does Not Mean Ugly

For years women have been told that beauty is pain. This is a lie - it is entirely possible to be both comfortable and fashion-forward, in fact, it's preferred.

Comfortable styles have been re-entering fashion. From straight-cut jeans to the revitalization of streetwear and loungewear you no longer need to "suck it in" or be uncomfortable throughout your day to be considered fashionable. 

Sandal Tips and Tricks

When people think of white fashion they think of an "all-white" party or the slew of costuming that comes with bridal festivities. However throughout the course of the past few months, we have seen shopping for white pants, dresses, and shoes become more common.

We have officially departed from this age in the age of being overly precautions. There is no reason to let the fear of getting your white shoes dirty keep you from purchasing.

Here are some tips to help you keep your sandals in good shape

  • Avoid dirty situations, you can try to think of your day and potential dirt hazards before sliding into your white sandals
  • Clean with delicate products, you want to avoid harsh chemicals and make sure your tool doesn't have harsh bristles
  • Clean your shoes regularly, not once they are beyond salvaging
  • Keep a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser nearby or a Tide-to-go stick

Wearing white sandals compliment many women's skin tone and have a radiant effect on their skin, however, dingy sandals do not have the same radiant effect. These tips and tricks can be used to help keep your sandals in pristine shape. 

Slip Into Fashion 

You can slip into fashion by expanding your wardrobe with a white sandal. This closet expansion will be both timeless and versatile. 

By adding a pair of white sandals to your wardrobe you can take the next step in integrating comfort into your daily fashion statement. Check out our selection to find the perfect pair of sandals to elevate your style.

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