Styling Sandals: How to Wear Flip Flops Fashionably

Styling Sandals: How to Wear Flip Flops Fashionably

Flip flops, jandals, slops, or thongs (no, not that kind). Many names for one kind of much loved, yet unfairly judged shoe — the open-toed sandal. Comfortable, affordable, and long-lasting, what's not to love about flip flops?

Named for the sound they make, perhaps you think that flip flops are difficult to style in a way that doesn't seem careless? Well, we're here to tell you that everything you thought about styling sandals is about to change. 

You absolutely can be comfortable and fashionable. Keep reading to find out how!

How to Style Flip Flops During the Day

When you think of flip flops your mind probably goes to beach days and summer outfits. So, it goes without saying that flip flops are definitely a daytime shoe that works with a lot of cute daytime wear. 

Check out these tips for styling sandals as your shoe of choice for when the sun is out. 

Go for Color 

For a daytime sandal option, don't be afraid to add a splash of color, especially if you're wearing flip flops with shorts or a mini dress. Of course, like with any shoe choice, you don't want to clash colors or have too much going on. 

So, opt for complementary colors, or colored flip flops with a neutral outfit. If you're matching colors, your top and flip flops should match, rather than your bottoms and your shoes. 

Patterns Are Fun 

Daytime is the ideal opportunity to get playful with patterns. Again, if you're going to opt for patterned sandals, then keep it neutral with the rest of the outfit. 

The Flojos Fiesta Sandals come in a funky floral pattern that will brighten any daytime outfit. 

An Outfit That Screams Summer 

If you're rocking flip flops and still want to let your inner fashionista out, then embrace the summer look wholeheartedly. Pair flip flops with sunglasses, casual beach hair, and breezy summer dresses. 

How to Style Sandals at Night 

Styling sandals at night is a bit tougher. They just aren't your average nighttime shoe and you'll need to work a little harder to add a touch of elegance and style while still remaining comfortable in your flip flops.

Don't worry, we've got you covered with these hot tips. 

Add Some Sparkle

A fantastic way to get away with flip flops in a fashionable nighttime outfit is by going for a bit of sparkle. Sandals with a sparkling strap pair beautifully with a little black dress or a monochrome outfit. 

With Flojos Spark Sandals is just the thing you need to take your outfit to the next level for a night out on the town. You can choose between three different colors of sandals and sparkly straps — from classic silver to monochrome glitz and golden glamor. 

Detail is Good

Finding a sandal with a bit of detail takes the shoe from daytime casual to nighttime stylish. It's the difference between a flip flop suited for the beach and a sandal suited for the classy beachside restaurant. 

A strap with woven detail, such as these Serenity Sandals adds a cute touch to your outfit without being too casual or too flashy. You can opt for a shiny color to add some more nighttime appeal.

Get Some Height

When the sun goes down, the heels come out — and the same can be for sandals, too! Add a bit of drama to your outfit with these Wedge Sandals. You won't only look fab, you'll feel great too as these wedge sandals might just be the most comfortable 'heels' you'll ever wear. 

What to Wear With Flip Flops

There are some classic flip flop outfit pairings that will ensure that you always look and feel your best.  

Midi dresses and skirts are all the rage this year. And you're in luck because they go beautifully with a pair of casual sandals.

As for jeans, opt for skinny cut jeans or ripped and cuffed boyfriend jeans as these create the perfect casual-chic look. 

Shorts are always a great option to pair with sandals. Denim and linen shorts work particularly well and are easy to dress up or down, for any occasion. 

Flared pants look fantastic with flip flops. And what's more, they work for an elegant nighttime look or flowy daytime attire.

A Gentleman's Guide to Styling Sandals

Sandals are not all that present in the classic western man's wardrobe. Of course, you'll see them on the feet of shirtless beachgoers...and Australians. That being said, there is definitely a place for sandals in your footwear collection.

There are, however, a couple of important tips if you're going to rock sandals this summer. 

Firstly, make sure your feet are not unsightly. Flip flops bare it all and if your nails are gnarled and feet are cracked and dirty then there's no sandal that can save you. 

Unless you're at the beach, opt for sandals with a wide strap as these are a bit more rugged and easier to pair with male clothes. 

Keep it stylish with leather or faux leather in neutral tones, such as these Trio Men's Sandals

While sandals look great with shorts, avoid wearing them with long (especially baggy) pants, as this looks sloppy. 

Styling Flip Flops Fast Tips

Before you don your favorite sandals, keep these fast tips for styling flip flops in mind: 

  • When in doubt, always pair sandals with a monochrome or simple outfit
  • Draw attention to your upper half with bold accessories 
  • Painted toenails and pedicured feet look best in flip flops 
  • Never pair socks with flip flops
  • Black or beige tone flip flops are the safest color option

You don't have to give up style for comfort; you simply need to get creative with styling sandals!

Have Fun Styling Sandals and Looking Fab

Styling sandals comes down to helping your flip flops blend into your outfit rather than scream 'sloppy'. And as you can see, that's absolutely possible. You can be comfortable and stylish — have your cake and eat it! When in doubt, refer back to this guide for styling inspiration!

If you're excited to have a flip-flopping time of styling sandals, head over to the Flojos Shop. You'll find every sandal to suit your style and desires. 

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