How to Style Your Summer Sandals for Fall

How to Style Your Summer Sandals for Fall

While the first day of fall is on September 22, you can expect to still experience summer-like temperatures into October. Since the weather will be warm, there's no better time to break out your fall-styled sandals. Embrace the season while keeping your feet cool. 

Styling your sandals for fall to coincide with autumn fashion trends is easy to do. No matter what style of sandal you prefer, you can find something to coordinate with your fall-themed outfits. 

We're going to talk about how to style your sandals to keep wearing them into the autumn season. 

Embrace Leather Sandals

Leather, or faux leather sandals, are a great option for fall styles. The rustic materials lend themselves well to the earth tones that are often used during this season.

Check out our Elena Sandal for inspiration. The woven strap is made from light-toned mock leather. The comfort-reinforced toe thong provides additional support for your foot. 

But, what do you wear with them? These sandals are perfect for apple picking or a casual date night. 

Pair a leather sandal with an oversized button-down shirt and distressed jean shorts. Throw on a layered pendant necklace and dig your straw tote out of your closet. You'll look chic while also being incredibly comfortable. 

Another option is to wear leather sandals with a t-shirt dress. Look for one in a fall hue, like eggplant or mustard. Pair it with oversized sunglasses and chunky gold hoops for an effortless look. 

Add Pep to Your Step With Colorful Flip Flops

Just because the bright colors of summer are over doesn't mean you still can't rock them. Our Kai Sandals come in a variety of colors to fit in with your fall outfit needs. They're a great option if you're planning a trip to the beach, running errands, or leaving the gym. 

Sporty-style sandals are also in trend for fall this year. Why wouldn't you want to be comfortable while still being fashionable?

With your colorful flip flops, wearing them with a casual jumpsuit, high-waisted trousers, or long shorts. Just because they're practical doesn't mean they'll downgrade your entire outfit. If you're worried about clashing colors, get a pair in nude or black. 

Dress for an Evening Out

Did you know that sandals are the perfect thing to wear for a night out on the town? Why have aching feet and ankles at the end of the night? Wear a pair of sparkly sandals instead. 

Our Spark Sandals come in a variety of colors and sparkles:

  • Tan and leopard
  • White and tan 
  • Black

The straps on these sandals are sparkly and faux leather. Jazz up your outfit with a simple detail that will draw everyone's eyes to your feet. Just make sure you're up to date on your pedicure since everyone will be looking at your toes!

Since you're adding a bit of glittery pop with your sandals, you don't need to go overboard on the rest of your outfit. Whatever color combination of sandals you choose, you can coordinate your accessories to match. For example, if you choose the black sparkle sandals, wear silver earrings to match. 

A pair of black skinny jeans with a white or black top will pair nicely with any of these sandals. Wear a black shirt with a deep V with a longer necklace to add some drama to your look. You can also wear a black t-shirt dress if that's your preference. 

Rock Some Chunky Sandals

Wedges are a great way to get some extra height without having to wear heels. The added stability comes from your weight being evenly distributed from toe to heel. You can walk for longer distances without worrying about tripping and falling.  

Our Olivia Mid Sandals are a new addition to our fall collection. The sandals come in black and have a 2 1/4" heel with a 1" platform. The footbed is contoured to ensure your foot sits comfortably. 

You can pair these classic wedge sandals with nearly anything in your fall wardrobe. We recommend pairing it with a skirt or a dress. You can even wear some of your summer dresses. 

Just throw on a cardigan or jean jacket to keep yourself warm. Since the sandals come in black, they pair well with any pattern or color scheme.

Throw on a Pair of Slide-Ons

Our Emery Sandals are perfect for slipping on while still looking stylish and comfortable. The footbed is water-resistant, so you can feel safe wearing these out in any condition. The best part is the faux canvas front that gives the sandals a classic look. 

These sandals come in tan, so they really work well for any type of outfit. Pair them with a pair of skinny jeans and a loose, bohemian-style blouse. That may be a bit more of a summer look, but why not wear what you like, no matter the season?

There Are Countless Stylish Men's Sandals for the Fall

Our Estiler Lite Sandals are the perfect choice for men to wear this fall. The footbed is made from an innovative egg crate material that provides support for your foot. The best part is the built-in bottle opener that's directly on the strap. 

Some men may be hesitant to wear sandals, especially when it's not the summertime, but you shouldn't be! These sandals are perfect for fall-time BBQs or any other type of outdoor activity. 

We recommend wearing these sandals with a pair of jeans and a flannel button-down shirt. Layer the flannel over a comfortable t-shirt so you can remove it if you get too warm. 

We also love our Duke Sandals for fall outfits. If you're heading out the door and don't have time to put on a pair of shoes, just slip on the Duke. You can wear these with a pair of shorts when you're running errands or doing chores in the backyard. 

Learn How to Style Sandals for Fall

As you can see, there are a variety of options when wearing sandals for fall outfits. Dress an outfit up or down with different styles of sandals. Embrace the remnants of summer before the coolness of winter comes. 

Check out our full collection of men's and women's sandals in our online store.  

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