How to Style Your Colorful Sandals

How to Style Your Colorful Sandals

Summer makes us all think of bright, sunny days, with all the flowers blooming and the trees bringing their leaves back. In other words; summertime is full of color, and you should be too!

Colorful sandals are all the rage in the warm months, but they can be hard to style. You don't want the colors to clash or to end up looking childish.

With this guide, you can feel confident that your flip flop outfit ideas look chic, fun, optimistic, and put together. Keep reading to learn more!

Choosing the Right Color for You

Before you go running off buying colorful sandals and making fabulous outfits with them, you need to know what colors to buy.

No matter how well you style them, if you buy a sandal in a color that doesn't work for you, it won't look right. The key to finding the perfect colors for your wardrobe is knowing your skin's undertones.

Here's how you find them.


Look at the veins on your wrist. If they appear blue, your skin tone is cool. If they look more greenish, you have a warm skin tone.

Need another way to figure it out? If you burn easily in the sun, you have cool tones. And if you tan well, you have warm tones.

If you don't feel like either describes you, you may have a totally neutral skin tone. Don't worry, there are good color choices for you too.

If you have cool undertones, you look best in jewel tones and sea shade blues. Try maroon, ruby red, sapphire blue, and dark foresty greens.

If you have warm undertones you look best in warm and earthy colors. Try terra cotta oranges, bright yellows, and deep browns.

People with neutral tones have the largest pool of colors to choose from, but they should be wary of very bright colors that might look better on warm undertones. When wearing a bright color, test it out in a number of lighting scenarios.

Sandals You'll Really Wear

Of course, the best way to choose a colored sandal is to choose your favorite! What color speaks to you and gets you excited? The more you love your sandals, the more likely you are to get creative with your outfits.


The easiest way to wear a bright shoe is to create a monochrome look. Choose an outfit all in one color in different saturations and then find matching sandals. 

If you love a color, you probably already have a lot of it in your closet. See if you can put an outfit together powder pink, fuchsia, and rose. Or maybe try bright yellow, butter, and mustard. This way, your shoes become part of the cohesive look instead of a focal point.


Denim has become such a staple in our wardrobe that, although it's blue, our minds read it as a neutral. For this reason, denim goes with everything and everything goes with denim.

Dress up a pair of jeans with colorful heeled sandals. Keep things beachy and light with a pair of cut-off shorts and these patterned colorful flip flops

The best part about denim bottoms is that they separate the top look from the shoes. You can wear any color or style of top. The denim pants give your eyes a break before they reach your multi-colored flip flops.

Neutral Tones

Blue shoes really pop when paired with neutral browns, tans, and even foresty greens. If you want your colorful sandals to stand out, try pairing blue sandals with a tan or light brown dress.

The sandy color of the dress with the pop of blue from the shoes makes us thinks of serene beaches. It's a great way to look sophisticated while still having fun with your shoe color. And while most colorful shoe outfits are loud, this one is soft and gentle.

Black and White

Everyone knows that the easiest combination to pair colors with is black and white. You can create a mod look with big black and white patterns on top with a colorful sandal on the bottom.

Warm tones look particularly good with a black and white combination. By keeping things simple on top, you can even elevate your flip-flops from a day look to a night look. 

Color Play

Are you the life of the party? Do you love walking into a room and having everyone look your way? With colorful sandals paired with a colorful outfit, that can be you!

So many of these style ideas have been about making the shoe pop against neutral tones, but why not make the whole outfit pop? 

If you want to use a lot of colors in one outfit, the key is to know color families. Match jewel tones, such a ruby, sapphire, and emerald together. Got a pair of pastel sandals? Try them with eggshell white, robin's egg blue, and buttery yellow.

As long as the colors belong to the same general family and you don't mind making a bold statement you'll be able to wear them together.


Prints are a little bit tricky. The best way to match a bold color with printed clothes is to pick the color out of the print.

Find a pattern that includes just a touch of the color of your sandals, but don't let it be the most overpowering color in the print. Allow the shoes to bring out the color that might go unnoticed. 

If you're interested in trying pattern mixing for an all-around bold outfit, florals and stripes are a good place to start. They're a classic combination. Go bright and colorful in your floral, and then add a neutral tone striped top.

You can also pattern mix with multi-colored sandals. If every piece of your outfit is a different pattern, but the color scheme stays generally the same, it still looks put together.

Get the Most Out of Your Colorful Sandals

With these style ideas, you'll be able to make countless outfits that go with your colorful sandals. Find the best neutral shades to make them pop, match them up with complementary colors, and make your printed clothes shine!

Ready to buy your colorful sandals for this season? Check out our full selection of women's sandals.

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