How to Master the Bohemian Style

How to Master the Bohemian Style

Are you a free-spirit itching to get away from it all? It’s easy to get caught up in the fast-paced, high-stress milieu of modern-day society. Excavate and uncover all the dreams and potential you suppressed while trying to thrive in todays' world.

To be Bohemian; is to be free from societal standards. It means bearing your soul and seceding from convention in life and your art.

Achieving a Bohemian lifestyle is a lifelong process. However, you have to start somewhere. Look the part with a Bohemian style to feel more comfortable in your self-expression!

Check out these six styling tips and Bohemian staples. These boho-style tips will help you reach maximum comfort and maximum finesse!


Bohemian style revolves around self expression, and unconventional from the traditional looks. Think of how eccentric attendees of music festivals are in their fashion.

Their tops have cutouts made of innovative material with wild patterns and color schemes. Express yourself through fashion! Draw inspiration from music festival-style outfits to mix and match your wardrobe.

Look for light kimono-style blouses, crochet tops, and peasant-style. Choose more versatile styles that you can pair up with your favorite faded denim and maxi skirts. Statement pieces in a cropped cut or loose flowy style are a bohemian staple.


Feel light as air! Think of the hippie fashion from a few decades ago. One of the most distinctive features of hippie clothing is the big bottoms.

Think of the flare jeans and maxi skirts. Their style was all about artistic form of living. So, keep it loose, light, and airy for your bottoms.

Length matters, especially when it comes to skirts. Find yourself attire that you feel comfortable moving around without feeling self-conscious. For this reason, maxi and midi skirts are an ideal length, but you do you!

If you aren’t a fan of skirts, worry not! Flare pants of any material suit the bohemian style well. Think of vintage, faux leather, cotton, or linen.

A pro-tip for staying warm: layering. For the skirt-lovers out there, try layering pantyhose over skin tone fleece leggings during the colder months.

Look for midi or maxi skirts loose square pants. Bonus points if you can get them in a print you like!


Dresses are for everyone. If you want to commit to the Bohemian style, grab yourself a printed maxi dress. This floor-sweeping ensemble is effortless and one of the first boho style looks.

Maxi dresses are a fashion statement and are very versatile. Layer a kimono or a knitted cardigan over your top, or wear it on its own. It’s elegant, simple, summery, and fun.

When choosing the neckline, choose one that compliments your décolletage. With the endless varieties of prints, you’re bound to find your favorite piece. Throw it on and be ready for the day!

Opt for a printed maxi dress that you can run around in.


The Bohemian style seems more geared towards a summery vibe, but you can rock it all year long! Invest in a warm and stylish jacket that jives with your wardrobe. The jacket fringe is very on-brand.

Pick which style speaks to you the most. You don’t have to commit to one type, but jackets that fit the Bohemian vibe are denim jackets, patchwork, and vintage.

For the cut, explore cropped jackets and boho-style jackets with long trails. Get inspired by the 70s and flower power! Try to DIY your personal touches on some basic thrifted pieces if you want.

For the summer months, if you want to stay covered up, try light clothes like kimono style or loose-knit coverups. Stay cool temperature-wise and style-wise with vests, too. Find a funky and warm coat to layer over your wardrobe and light coverup.


Your feet are your connection to the earth and ground. In some cultures, you can find energy points in the soles of your feet, known as your foot chakras. When standing, they consider this the bridge between you and the earth that sustains you.

Biologically; your lower extremities stabilize your body by anchoring to the ground via your feet. Even if you aren’t keen on spirituality, you still want to protect them.

If you’re new to this lifestyle, you might own a pair of trainers or dress shoes for work. Venture beyond your comfort zone for more laid-back options! Flip flops and sandals are more breathable, comfortable, and weather adaptive.

Some people enjoy the air on their toes; others like the thinner but durable sole protection that lets you be closer to the earth. Let’s face it, slipping on some flip-flops is a lot less time-consuming than lacing up your sneakers.

As much as Bohemian is a style, it can also affect your mood and life perspective, even in small ways like digging your toes in a new soft pair of flip flops.

Check out other benefits of wearing flip-flops here! Style is what makes you confident. With the variety of footwear styles, you never have to compromise style for comfort.

Find a comfy pair of flip flops that connects your soul and protects your sole!


Living easy and free doesn’t mean you have to forgo jewelry and other accessories. Compliment your boho clothing style with beads, hoops, crystals, and shell jewelry that fit your theme.

Draw inspiration from traditional art, woven jewelry, metal elements, and chains. Remember when borrowing from cultures always to respect their closed practices. A Bohemian lifestyle should cause no harm.

When in doubt, support a local maker or try to make your own. Adorn your boho style outfit with a layered necklace or dangling earrings.

Dress Head to Toe in Bohemian Style and Let your Spirit Flourish

Express yourself with cohesive Bohemian style attire. Use this handy guide for a simplified list of Bohemian basics you have to have in your closet. Mix and match to fit your style; remember, you are doing this for yourself and no one else.

Thank you for reading our article! Find ways to embrace the boho-styles and look the part. If you’re searching for your perfect pair of sandals or slippers, contact us today!

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