The Best Travel Sandals To Wear on Your Next Getaway

The Best Travel Sandals To Wear on Your Next Getaway
Finding the right sandals to travel with can be difficult. But not anymore! These are the best travel sandals for any location.
  Over 70% of Americans want to travel more than they currently do.  We're seeing a huge boom in the number of people traveling around the country and abroad. Although Coronavirus has made traveling much more difficult for now, we will soon all be back on the road!  In the meantime, why not plan a trip that will keep you feeling upbeat during these difficult times? Planning every single detail of your trip also requires you to decide which are the best travel sandals to take with you. In this article, we'll take a look at just a few.

1. Don't Forget the Classic Flip Flop

When traveling, there is no shoe that is more versatile than a flip flop! You can wear these babies on the beach, in the shower at your hostel or hotel, and even to a casual restaurant.  Flip flops are vital for boat trips and time spent walking in and out of water. You can find hundreds of different flip flop styles. But, choose something which is a little more hard-wearing so you don't pull the strap out from the sole on your first trip out! Check out the Juno Weave flip flop which offers a comfortable footbed. They're perfect for your next yoga retreat!

2. Sports Sandals Are a Popular Choice

Although these clunky shoes were unfashionable for some time, they've made a comeback and are especially popular with Gen Z. Style these sandals with a black, beige, or white hooded jumper and a matching pair of biker shorts and you have a very fashionable outfit on your hands! Better yet, sports sandals are a brilliant choice for those days that are a little more active than normal. Planning to go for a long walk? No problem! Exploring a new city? These shoes are a great choice.

3. Cute Flat Sandals Are Perfect for Date Night

If you're not keen on looking like a Gen Z and simply hate the feeling of flip flops between your toes, then check out the Mandy sandal. This shoe is great for anyone who wants to look classy and cute while traveling. They're perfect for a date night and pair wonderfully with a dress or skirt. During the day, dress these sandals down with a pair of jeans or comfortable trousers. Why not match your top to the color of the sandals?

4. Wedges Are for the Fashionistas of Travel

If your fashion sense is a little bit 90s, then it's time for you to invest in a pair of Olivia or Olivia Serape wedges.  They're super comfortable, come in a range of colors, and will fit easily in your carry-on. Better yet, they look great when worn with shorts, skirts, dresses, or jeans. Wedges are a surprisingly comfortable sandal choice and they don't cause blisters when worn over long periods of time. These sandals were a major trend in 2019 and they're here to stay!

5. Slides Are Great for Home and Abroad

If you haven't bought yourself a pair of slides yet, then you simply don't know what you're missing. There is a reason this trend took off!  You can buy a pair for both you and your traveling partner. Your slides will be perfect for lounging around your hotel room and pool. They're comfortable, practical, and perfect for a cruise. However, they're not a good choice for the super active who want a shoe to wear during long walks. Unsurprisingly, slides will slide right off your feet when worn during activities! Check out the Duke slides with a comfortable fastening strap which is lined with comfortable fabric.

6. Vegan Sandals Are All the Rage 

We're seeing a huge increase in vegetarianism and veganism throughout the country. As a result, vegan sandals are becoming more and more popular. If you want to show off that you care about animals, buy a new pair of vegan sandals! This means avoiding leather and checking the labels on your shoes. Nowadays, it's easy to find shoes that are vegan. Brands such as Dr Martens and Birkenstock offer shoes that are completely free of animal products!  But, our favorite vegan shoe has to be our very own Luciana sandal. The faux leather strap is in a huarache style and it's a super cute shoe to wear all day long!

7. Gladiator Sandals Are Super Chic

Anyone who is visiting Greece or Italy should be sure to pack a gladiator sandal for their travels! These shoes look great and will help you blend in with the locals.  Nowadays, it isn't common for the straps of a gladiator sandal to rise up the leg. But, the small gladiator detailing on your foot will look great. Check out the beautiful, new Sayulita sandal which is great for either a long day exploring a new city or an evening on the town with friends. Your feet will feel comfortable and breezy! 

The Best Travel Sandals Make Your Feet Feel at Home

No matter where you are in the world, you want your feet to feel as comfy as possible. Spending a little extra money to ensure you get the perfect fit is definitely worth it.  Are you dreaming of your next vacation? Why not buy a beautiful pair of sandals and walk around your home town until it's time to travel abroad once more!  If you've enjoyed this article about the best travel sandals, make sure to check out the rest of the blog. You'll find more footwear inspired posts!  

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