How You Can Wear Sandals Even in Winter

How You Can Wear Sandals Even in Winter

It's below 40 degrees outside and all the trees have lost their leaves. You're dreaming of days sitting by the beach, and you're starting to want to dress for the summer. You certainly can't wear your bikinis right now, but... can you wear sandals in the winter?

Absolutely! Even though it may sound strange, a pair of sandals can take a winter outfit to the next level. If you wear them right, winter sandals will keep you looking stylish across the seasons, and you'll never have to put your favorite shoes in storage.

Keep reading to learn how to wear sandals in the winter: the best kinds of sandals to wear and how to style them to make sure you look incredible.

Sandals Made for Winter

If you're (understandably) nervous to start breaking seasonal boundaries and wearing sandals when it's cold out, a good place to start is with sandals that are specifically designed for winter wear.

A pair of fur-lined sandals will keep you looking warm and safely seasonal for the winter. There are several styles available, and some look almost like slippers with outdoor shoe treads. It's hard to get comfier than that!

This is also a great option if you are wary of winter sandals because your feet get cold easily. You can even add some wool socks for extra warmth.

Wear your fur-lined sandals with some dark-wash jeans and a cozy sweater to look and feel comfy and perfectly wintery. Fur-lined sandals are also great for wearing around the house.

Wedges for Winter

Of course, part of the appeal of wearing sandals in the winter is to make a statement. Winter sandals, or "wandals" as some have been calling them, draw people's attention. Why not welcome that attention with a pair of wedges?

Heeled boots or booties may be the safe bet for a winter soiree, but a heeled sandal or wedge will help set you apart.

Try pairing some wedges with a layered winter get-up. A long winter coat over a sparkly seasonal party dress will pair excellently with your wedges. No need to wear socks or tights here unless it's going to be below thirty and you're going to be doing any walking outside.

Strappy Sandals for Winter

There's no need to shy away from the kinds of sandals we think of as for warm weather only. As you progress further down the winter sandals path, you will realize that much of the distinction between winter and summer footwear is cultural programming.

Try wearing some strappy sandals this winter to break through this programming. Strappy sandals pair well with a wide leg jean or pant in the winter to make you look casually cool. This look is also very '70s chic, so make sure to modernize it with your makeup, or lean into the hippie vibes.

Another great way to style strappy sandals for the winter is to color coordinate your entire outfit to match your sandals. While this is of course an option in the summer as well, it looks even more dramatic in the winter. Opt for long sleeves and large silhouettes to make your monochrome outfit stand out.

Mules for Winter

At this point, you're probably wondering where the tights are in all of this. While bare feet in winter sandals are a truly excellent fashion statement, tights can add their own layer of drama to an outfit.

A good pair of mules or huaraches is the perfect foundation for a dramatic outfit that includes tights. You can go with a neutral tone for the sandals, but it's best to avoid neutrals for the tights if you want to make a statement. You should avoid nude tights with sandals either way; it just looks odd.

Tights in a bold color or pattern will look bold in just the right way with your mules. A long (and ideally equally dramatic) winter coat over your dress or skirt will complete the look.

If you would rather pair socks with your sandals than tights, you can go right ahead. This is not the faux pas it has been made out to be. Choose a nice pair of socks that you want to show off (consider ribbed, colorful, or patterned socks rather than plain white), and your socks and sandals combo will look like a deliberate and fashionable decision.

Statement Sandals for Winter

Celebrities like Emily Ratajkowski have been making headlines for their bold winter sandal choices. If you want to be a sandal influencer as well, making your sandals the focal point of your winter outfit is the best way to do so.

You should choose a unique pair of sandals. It can be colorful, patterned, bejeweled, high-heeled, or some combination of the above. You want to avoid toning them down with socks or tights for this look, so save it for a warmer winter day or one where you won't be outside much.

The rest of your outfit should serve the primary purpose of drawing attention to your sandals. Neutral tones are a great choice, as are tapered bottoms that draw the eye toward the sandals. You'll be sure to attract attention and admiration with this bold look.

The Winter Sandals Lifestyle

If you clicked on this article thinking "should I wear winter sandals?" hopefully you've been able to answer that question with a resounding yes. No matter how adventurous or reserved your personal style may be, there is a winter sandal outfit out there that is perfect for you.

Now that you have been freed from the cultural shackles that keep us all wearing sandals exclusively in the summertime, it might be a good idea to expand your sandal wardrobe. Check out our wide selection of quality, affordable sandals to build up your year-round wardrobe.

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