7 Tips On How To Be Chic When Wearing Flip Flops

7 Tips On How To Be Chic When Wearing Flip Flops

Depending on who you ask, wearing flip flops is either the peak of fashion or a major faux pas. Sometimes, though, casual footwear just needs a little help to become the highlight of your outfit. 

If you're wondering how to style casual flip flops, we've assembled the perfect guide for you. Whether you're looking to nail that beach-hair-don't care look, or want to turn it into a craft project, there are endless ways to make your flip flops the highlight of the footwear party!

1. Move the Focus 

Sometimes, a little redirection is all you need. With very casual footwear, try pairing it with a dramatic look on your upper half. Bold eyeshadow, chunky earrings, or a loud top are all great choices. 

This will also provide some balance to your outfit. If anyone does notice your casual flip flops, they will look attractive.

Have you ever heard the fashion advice to pair loose-tight clothing items? For instance, this is why flowy blouses work so well with skin-tight jeans. It provides visual contrast. 

This same rule applies to your outfits and footwear. Contrasting a more bold look with a very casual approach is a great way to blend it all together. 

It's worth noting that this rule applies in moderation. Wearing a three-piece suit with flip flops is a major contrast, but it's not one that's worth experimenting with on a Monday morning in the office! 

2. Get a Pedicure 

If your feet are looking great, it doesn't really matter what shoes you're wearing! The best route is to go for a more traditional pedicure. 

Solid colors are a great choice. If you're feeling self-conscious about wearing flip flops, traditional colors will make everything 'blend in'. Avoid the drastic patterns this time around, and your outfit will still look put-together. 

If you're going with something time-honored, like white or pink toenails, try pairing it with traditional flip flops too. 

3. Wear a Midi Dress

It's a loose, hippie-style icon of the summer months. As a cozy style moment that's very popular during quarantine, it will continue to be popular as lockdown measures lift across the globe. 

Midi dresses are very forgiving, style-wise. You can pair almost anything with them, and it will look good. 

The breezy look screams summer, though, so why not pair it with some cute leather flip flops?

4. Update Your Flip Flops 

Are you in the mood for a craft project? If so, look no further than your footwear. 

When you think of flip flops, you might be picturing flimsy dollar-store versions that snap at inopportune moments. However, there's no rule that says flip flops can't be comfortable, cute, and high-quality. 

If you have a little artistic flair, flip flops can easily be the highlight of your outfit on any given day. 

For starters, try adding some glitter to your flip flops. This can be done with clear glue and any glitter of your choice. Whether you'd like to outline your toes in glitter and let it dry or add some to the straps, this is a cute embellishment. 

Or, you can add rhinestones and glass gems if you prefer a sparkly 2000s' throwback. Adding paper flowers, replacing the straps with crocheted strips of fabric are also cute ways to level up your flip flop game. 

5. Balance It Out 

Many flip flops come in bright colors, like blue or red. But if you're looking to make a statement, consider those color pairings. 

If you prefer to wear monochrome outfits, such as black, gray, and white, select a more colorful footwear option. If your outfits are loud and every color of the rainbow, a somber black flip flop will make your style pop.

You can also choose style contrast, too. Flip flop design has merged beyond the basic sandal. Some are strappy, others have ballerina design where the straps twine around the legs. 

If you're wearing a cute dress, consider finding some huge heeled flip flops. They exist, and in all shades of cute colors!

If you're wearing a swimsuit, a strappy cute version will help you get the ankle support you need and the style you crave. 

6. Avoid Socks 

If you're a style guru, you already know what we're about to say. But it bears repeating—avoid pairing socks with flip flops!

This advice holds up for a few reasons. To start, it's difficult to maintain a good grip on your footwear with a sock, in this case. This can make walking dangerous, especially if you need to speedwalk through that airport in order to catch your flight. 

Another reason boils down to hygiene. If you're touring the city with flip flops, you're bound to pick up a little grim on your feet. But with socks, particularly white ones, all that grime will show up immediately. 

Your socks will likely look disgusting at the end of the day, which is an advantage for no one. 

7. Embrace the Summer Look 

Summer comes with a certain aesthetic, especially in these days of Instagram and breezy selfies by the sea. It's a great chance to loosen up and embrace a more casual style. 

If that's the case for you, go all out! Get that tan, wear the sunglasses, and embrace that beach hair look. If your outfit screams summer, no one will notice the flip flops you have on. 

Wearing Flip Flops and Looking Your Best

One of the biggest complaints people have about wearing flip flops is quality. Either they are stiff and uncomfortable for weeks, or they snap right off the bat. 

In fact, flip flops are most likely to leave you stranded, above most other forms of footwear. When the strap pops or snaps, you're done for. 

That's why investing in flip flops that will last a generation—not just for one summer—is crucial. You'll be able to rely on your footwear when putting together that easy summer outfit.

Want to check out the footwear you've been dreaming of? Check us out today! We've got exactly what you're looking for. 

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