5 Great Types of Minimalist Sandals

5 Great Types of Minimalist Sandals
Looking for something simpler in your footwear choices? Here are some great simple, comfortable, and cute minimalist sandals for you to try out!
  When it comes to comfort and ease, minimalist sandals are the perfect combination of both. Whether you live in tropical climates or if you only have sandal weather for part of the year, a good pair of minimalist sandals will keep you comfortable for years with proper care and use.  But what style of sandals are the best? What makes minimalist sandals minimal, and how are they different from regular types of sandals? How do you choose the right sandals for your lifestyle so you can get back to what you love and get back to it in comfort?  If you want to find your perfect sandal match to get you through the seasons in style, this article is a must-read!

What are Minimalist Sandals?

The thing that makes minimalist sandals so unique and comfortable is the fact they have no frills and no rises, allowing your feet to come back down to earth. Some of their key features are:
  1. Flat footbed
  2. Thin outsole with traction
  3. Secure, comfortable straps
  4. Sturdy materials for longevity
  5. Wiggle room for your toes
Many different manufacturers have started producing minimalist sandal alternatives, but when it comes to comfort and value, make sure that your sandals are the right fit for your feet! Choosing the right pair is a perfect balance of style, materials, cost, and durability, so don't settle for anything but the absolute best!

5 Great Minimalist Sandal Options

Are you ready to find your perfect sandal match? Do you know what features make up your ideal sandal match? Here are some of the best options available today and some of their key features to help you choose your pair. 

1. Fiesta

The Fiesta sandal is an excellent minimalist sandal option for women who love a comfy, basic flip flop. This sandal alternative has been so popular that it has been updated and upgraded over the years, offering comfortable options for any one's unique style.  This style is also available in kids' sizes, so the ease and comfort of this shoe can grow with your little ones as they develop their sense of sandal style.

2. Covina

The Covina sandal is a new, dainty sandal option on the market that brings style and elegance to your sandal game. The X-style faux-leather thong secures your foot into the EVA footbed so you can rock your comfortable style all day long. A cute, fashionable sandal highlights the perfect balance of support and cushion.

3. Juno

The yoga footbed found in the Juno sandal minimalist flip flops will keep your feet comfortable with every step you take. If you love the life of leisure, color, and style, these sandals may be your sole-mate! They also feature optimal traction on both wet and dry surfaces so you won't have to worry about slipping.

4. Original

The Original Flojos are the ultimate in minimalist, unisex sandal design. The 100% rubber design has popular since the 1970s. The criss-cross strap supports your foot through all of your favorite activities, and the slingback entry allows your foot to slip in our out quickly, so you don't miss anything. 

5. Nalu

When it comes to minimalist sandals for men, the Nalu Sandal tops the charts. Back on the market after rampant customer requests, these rubber flip flops are perfect for the beach, the boat, poolside, or whatever your heart desires. These zero-drop sandals are a great choice to help you get back down to earth to feel what matters most. 

How to Choose the Right Sandals

It can be tricky to choose the right sandals for your needs. There are different types of materials available, different styles, and features to meet your needs. 


Starting with your preferred type of materials, this can help you narrow down the options available so you can find your perfect sandal.
  1. Leather: Leather sandals are stylish, and the supple material is comfortable, but they don't stand up well against moisture. If you are planning to wear these in salt or chlorinated water environments, these may not be the best option. With proper care, however, these sandals may outlive other alternatives. 
  2. Rubber: Rubber sandals are naturally waterproof, making them the best choice for water lovers. Also, the lightweight materials make them floats should you lose one while enjoying the waves. However, if you leave your sandals in the water for too long, the rubber can start to degrade over time.


Learning how to properly care for your sandals can help you keep them in top shape for years. Depending on the material your shoes are made of, they will require different cleaning and storing procedures, but both are manageable with the right information. Proper care can also help you avoid awful smells so you don't push people away!

Size and Fit

Depending on the style of sandals you choose, your sandals' size and fit could prevent or lead to injuries like ankle sprains which could lead to breaks without proper care. Additionally, make sure you have proper arch support and materials to prevent further issues from developing.

Find the Sandals of Your Dreams

Are you dreaming of sunnier days of care-free waterside adventures and sun-kissed skin? Do you want to walk the earth in comfort and style, with your feet protected from the unwanted elements? Go out and find your "sole"-mate with well thought out details to help you choose the right pair. Can't decide between a few? Get them all! You can NEVER have enough sandals! For more information about sandals or to further narrow down which minimalist sandals are right for you, check out our blog! We're serious about sandals and look forward to helping you find your perfect pair!  

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