Why You Should Wear Leather Sandals On Your Vacation

Why You Should Wear Leather Sandals On Your Vacation
According to a survey, 86 percent of women own at least one pair of shoes they've never even worn. Why waste money and closet space on shoes that are uncomfortable and expensive when there are smarter options instead? If you're preparing for a vacation, don't pack a pair of shoes you don't want to wear. Instead, a pair of leather sandals can guide you on your journey in comfort. Keep reading to discover the 10 top reasons you should buy a pair of sandals today.

1. Freedom

Your favorite pair of shoes might look great, but they'll also leave your toes crammed together while you travel. Sandals, on the other hand, don't have a barrier. They offer freedom and space so you can wiggle your toes all you like! If you're trekking through New York or climbing a mountain, shoes and boots can leave your feet aching after a while.  The room for your toes that sandals offer can eliminate the chances you'll feel forefoot aches and pains during your trip. Instead, you can explore a bustling city or beautiful mountainside without stopping to stretch your toes. Sandals offer room for your toes which will leave you less likely to feel forefoot aches and pains during your trip.

2. More Space

Walking and standing on your feet for hours at a time can cause your feet to temporarily swell up. High temperatures, exercise, and other activities can cause swelling, too. During a vacation, chances are you're going to stay a little busy (and on your feet). Sandals give your feet more space. If your midfoot and forefoot begin to swell, in a sandal, they can expand well past the space where a shoe would wall off your feet. Your leather sandals will give your feet space and cushioned comfort. With leather flip flops or sandals, you don't have to worry about swelling slowing you down.

3. Odor-Free

After a long hike out in the summer sun, you're most-likely to sweat a little bit. Wearing socks and shoes gives that sweat a place to build up. If you're wondering where that smell is coming from, you might want to check your socks. With leather sandals, you don't have to pack socks for your trip. Instead, leave them at home and avoid athlete's foot and bad odors altogether. Leather sandals are breathable. Their design allows you to sweat without worrying about moisture building up. That means you don't have to wear socks to regulate temperature levels. Instead, you can keep your feet cool, which helps keep your body temperature cool, too. Leave your socks and hiking boots at home—along with any odors they might bring with them. Sandals are easy to take care of, too. With regular sandal maintenance, you can keep your sandals odor-free and looking their best before your big trip.

4. Slick Surfaces

The summer and fall season offers a number of opportunities for adventure. Are you going paddling, headed out on a boat, or hiking along a riverside? Either way, leather sandals are ideal for walking along these slick surfaces. Heading out in socks and shoes on these adventures can cause your socks to get gross and soggy. Sandals, on the other hand, dry quickly. You can also purchase active sandals, which have slip-resistant or lugged outsoles.

5. They're Lightweight

If you're trying to pack your bag for a trip, you need all the space you can get. Hiking boots or sneakers take up too much space and will weigh you down. Leather sandals, on the other hand, are lightweight. They're made of less material, so they'll give your bag a little extra space. Now you have additional room in your bag for souvenirs!

6. Easy On and Off 

Are you headed to the beach or pool this summer? No one wants to waste vacation time dealing with complicated knots and laces. Instead, sandals are easy to take on and off, saving you time and effort. Many styles offer a one-handed closure system, giving you the convenience you need for an easy trip.

7. Protection

Among different types of footwear, sandals experienced the largest dollar gains within two years. They're season-less, meaning they're ideal for any time of year. That also means sandals can protect your feet year-round, too.   Leather sandals can protect your feet from outside elements such as rocks, scat, and glass. While they're protective, they're also lightweight, offering you a compromise. By wearing sandals, you can move freely (as if you're barefoot) while still protecting your feet from elements underfoot.

8. They Look Great

Summer and Fall are great for light outerwear and cute attire. Your heavy boots and tennis shoes might not match every outfit, though. Leather sandals, on the other hand, go with just about everything. By packing sandals for your trip, you have a footwear option that pairs well with every outfit. 

9. Lace-free

Stopping mid-hike to lace and re-lace your shoes gets annoying, fast. Sandals are lace-free, so you don't have to worry about them coming untied during a walk. Their lace-free feature can keep you from tripping during a jagged mountain trek, making sandals a safer option, too.

10. Durable and Supportive

There are so many different types of leather sandals to choose from. Multi-sport sandals are ideal for hikers who need a little extra durability. These kinds of leather sandals are created with a supportive midsole and durable outsole. Sturdy materials such as polyester webbing or leather will last a lot longer than thin, cheap sneakers. When you're shoe shopping, keep your plans in mind. If you're heading out to go rock climbing or cycling, specialty shoes are ideal. Make sure to prioritize the protection and support you need for your trip. Otherwise, leather sandals are perfect for recreational activities. For those of you headed to the beach or short hike, your leather sandals can support you along the way.

Rock Leather Sandals This Summer!

Ready to slip your toes in the sand without bothering with cumbersome laces? Slip on convenience and comfort with these 10 reasons to travel with leather sandals. Your feet will thank you for it later! Check out our sales sandals today to discover the ideal flip flops and sandals for your next summer retreat!  

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