How to Clean Leather Sandals to Make Them Last

How to Clean Leather Sandals to Make Them Last
We know how fabulous leather sandals are, but with high-quality shoes comes high-maintenance. If we want to have nice things, it's essential that we take care of them as such. Knowing how to clean leather sandals is the best way to ensure that you keep them odor-free and looking brand new for years to come.  Because of leather's unique qualities, we can't clean our leather sandals the same as we would with any of our other sandals. We have to use greater care when cleaning them and use different techniques that we wouldn't normally use. We want to keep them as nice as possible for as long as possible, and the only way to do this is to continue reading below.  Here's how to clean leather sandals to make them last for years to come! 

Start with Proper Maintenance 

Your first step to keeping your leather sandals looking fresh is to use proper maintenance. The better maintenance you provide for your sandals, the easier they'll be to clean. To know proper maintenance is for your specific sandals, be sure to look up specifications on the company's website or manufacturer's book.  There are also sprays and conditioners that are made specifically for leather shoes and sandals. These sprays are an important part of your regular maintenance routine. It'll help keep your leather sandals looking new for years to come.  Aside from these steps, make sure to keep your sandals as dry and free of dirt as much as you can. If they do get wet, be sure to let them air dry before wearing them again. 

Spot Clean if Possible 

If your leather sandals get a few marks or spots on them here or there, you can consider spot cleaning them rather than cleaning the entire sandal. Spot cleaning will prevent wear and tear from the rest of the leather that might not need cleaning quite yet. To spot clean, take a soft rag and moisten it just a bit. Then, take a small amount of leather conditioner or soap and apply it to the soft damp cloth. Use a gentle motion to clean the spots off of the leather, paying close attention to not spread the dirt. 

Clean with a Soft Brush

When your leather sandals need a bit more than a simple spot cleaning, then your next step is to clean them with a soft brush. Brush the outside of the sandal, the buckles of the sandal, and the straps. Brush inside of the sandal as well, getting every inch of it that you can. Next, move to the bottom of the sandal and brush that off as well. The best time to clean your sandals with a brush is after walking around in dirt or sand. A soft brush is effective at removing any loose dirt from the sandal.  If dirt spots are proving to be stubborn, you can take your soft cloth and spot clean those areas.

Use a Liquid Cleaner

Using a soft cloth and a soft brush to get off the easy dirt is the best starting place, however, when your sandals need deeper cleaning, it's time to look into a few cleaners. Liquid soap or conditioner is a great way to get those dirty leather sandals shining again.  Put a few drops of the leather conditioner on a soft cloth and rub the sandal clean. To wipe the conditioner off, use a damp soft cloth and rub gently. Once the conditioner is removed, leave the sandals in an open space to air dry.

Use Saddle Soap 

Saddle soap is made specifically for cleaning leather. To clean your leather sandals with saddle soap, take a soft cloth and dampen it just a tad. Then, pour a bit of the saddle soap on it.  You'll then rub your leather sandals with the cloth and remove all of the dirt. After cleaning with the saddle soap, wipe it off using another clean soft cloth. When finished, leave them out to air dry. 

Consider Baking Soda for the Smell

If your sandals are clean but suffer from a smelly odor, you can consider using baking soda to keep them smelling fresh and clean. You don't want to clean the sandals if they're not in need of a cleaning. Instead, place your sandals in a plastic bag and sprinkle them with baking soda. Tie the plastic bag shut and leave it to sit overnight. In the morning, remove the sandals from the bag and wipe off the baking soda with a dry soft cloth. The baking soda will have absorbed all of those smelly odors, leaving your sandals smelling brand new!

Treat with a Leather Preservative 

Once your leather sandals are looking fresh and straight off the shelf again, it's time to treat them with a leather preservative. Treating them with a leather preservative is the best way to ensure that they stay clean and dirt-free. This will act as a preventative, which lessens the number of times that you'll need to clean your sandals, causing them wear and tear. 

Learn How to Clean Leather Sandals Today!

Your leather sandals are stunning, it's time to keep them that way. Learn how to clean leather sandals and prevent dirt from clinging to them so your sandals will stay looking new for several years! In need of more leather sandals? Click here to shop and browse through our collection!

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