5 Different and Unique Ways to Wear Flip Flops This Spring Season

5 Different and Unique Ways to Wear Flip Flops This Spring Season
You may think that flip-flops are a recent trend, but you couldn't be more wrong. What we now consider to be comfortable summer shoes have been en vogue since 4,000 BC. They've been popular all over the world since then. For example, the ancient Egyptians creating them from papyrus and leaves and the Japanese would wear flip flops from rice straw. While you don't need to make your flip flops out of common items in nature, you are responsible for coming up with creative and trendy ways to express yourself while wearing them. Read on to learn some unique and innovative ways that you can put a personal flair on the flip-flops you wear this spring!

1. To Strap Or Not To Strap

When it comes down to it, flip flops can be classified into two categories: those with straps and those without them. Strap-covered sandals that enclose your feet are awesome because they give your foot a little extra protection from the elements. They also work wonders for keeping you comfortable and providing support for your feet. Sandals with straps are also generally considered to be more professional than those without, so if you plan to attend an outdoor wedding, family reunion, or work event, this is probably the way to go. However, for the classic springtime look, you may want a pair of strapless flip flops in your wardrobe. These have nothing to support your foot but the little Y-shaped piece of plastic in between your toes. This means, however, that there's nothing to restrain your movement, either, so you're sure to be comfortable. For informal occasions, strapless flip flops make a statement.

2. Heels For Happiness

Heels have been a popular women's wardrobe item for decades, and they don't appear to be going anywhere. You can get flip flops in heels of all lengths if you want the perfect blend between springy and professional. The coolest styles of high-heel flip flops are a single color. They look like a classic plastic flip flop at first glance, but once you take a second look they hold your heel up high. These shoes don't have too much going on and are easy on the eyes, but they also are sophisticated and elegant in their own way. If you or someone you know is having a spring wedding or simple garden party, these shoes are perfect for the occasion.

3. Platform Sandals

In addition to high-heeled flip flops, there's another option for elevating yourself and making yourself appear taller: platform sandals. The most common form of platform sandals are wedges, which elevate the entire foot but also serve to keep the heel higher than the rest of it. This might sound uncomfortable at first, but in reality platform sandals may be the easiest type of flip flop on your feet. They have a soft and thick sole, which pads your feet and allows you to walk easily. Some of them are even made of incredibly soft foam that feels amazing to sink your heel into! Platform sandals are perfect for wearing alongside other large, chunky accessories. Consider large earrings in geometric shapes or plastic beaded bracelets. This will give you a cohesive, purposefully over-the-top look that screams 'individualism.' Try this out if you want to turn heads!

4. A Pop Of Color

Speaking of turning heads, consider using your flip flops as a pop of color against a monochrome outfit. When you wear all black, you can use accessories that stand out against it and appear trendy and modern. Picture this: you, wearing an entirely black outfit. Neon pink bag, necklace, earrings, and shoes to match. It doesn't need to be pink, either- blue, green, and yellow all work. The point is that the neon color would appear radiant against the dark backdrop of your clothing. You can also do this with a sandal that, though not a single color, has a bright textile-wrapped strap around it! This will draw eyes to your footwear because people will be interested to see what exact colors are in the strap.

5. With An Ankle Bracelet

Accessorizing is awesome, and flip flops make an awesome accessory in addition to functional shoes. But there are ways that sandals, themselves, can be spiced up with accessories. One of the best ways to do this is by wearing an ankle bracelet (a.k.a 'anklet') above the sandal. Anklets come in all sorts of styles, but because charm bracelets and necklaces are all the rage this year, we're partial to simple, charm-adorned anklets, too. A thin string or strand of beads is perfect for your next beach or lawn party outfit. Consider matching the color of your sandals to draw things together. Choose a charm that has meaning to you and let it fall over the top of your sandals. For springtime, tiny flower charm is perfect. It's simple, cute, and shows off your excitement for the season. If you live in a warm climate or plan to hit the beach a lot in the near future, consider a miniature sterling silver version of your favorite sea animal.

More Cool Ways To Wear Flip Flops

While there are a lot of ways that you can express yourself using footwear, flip flops are one of the trendiest types of shoes you can wear this spring. Now that you know some unique and interesting ways to wear flip flops in 2020, it's time to get the best sandals that you can wear out this season. Click here to visit our online shop and browse the best flip flops for women on the market. Stay stylish!

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