How to Style Dressy Flip Flops for Your Next Date

How to Style Dressy Flip Flops for Your Next Date
America's flip flop frenzy is believed to have originated from Japan where they wear traditional footwear called zoris that resemble our thonged, rubberized version. Since the 1950's when it gained popularity, the flip flop has continued to be a staple in our daily fashion today. But what about special occasions? When you're headed out for a fancy date you may be wondering if you can pull off being comfortable as well as stylish. Sure you love looking great but having sore feet isn't always worth it. Is it possible to get dressed up and stay comfortable? Believe it or not, there is such a thing as dressy flip flops. If you haven't ventured into this style option then you're missing out. Beauty does not have to be painful! Here's how to properly wear flip flops with your fancy outfit. You'll feel confident and ready for fun no matter where your date takes you!

Find the Perfect Outfit

When it comes to date night, the best outfit decision is the one that is going to help you feel confident. It's hard to focus on enjoying your evening if you're constantly worried about what you're wearing. You don't have to pick something that is too fancy in order to create an outfit that looks put together and classy. Even a pair of ripped jeans can be transformed into a chic fashion statement with the right complementary items. If you're not sure where to begin, then start by picking out a piece of clothing that you absolutely love. If you happen to feel your best and most comfortable in a pair of flip flops but you're headed to a classy restaurant. Don't worry, you can make it work. We've broken down some important elements to look out for when choosing the right dressy flip flops for your date.

Dressy Flip Flops

It's true when it comes to flip flops you don't typically think of dressy. But it's all about the type of flip flop you pair with your outfit. During the summer there's nothing easier or more comfortable than throwing on a pair of flip flops. They keep you cool and don't require a lot of time-consuming straps to take on and off. That makes them easy to throw off while you're walking along a romantic sandy beach with the one you love. However, it's important to choose the right dressy flip flop to enhance your outfit.

New Heights

If you want to get the same benefits from heels without the blisters, look for a flip flop that has a slight platform. These aren't the chunky styles from when you were a kid. Today's wedge sandals are more sleek and sophisticated. They offer just the height you need for a slimming look without being too much like a block of cement. Plus they have the cushioned support that we love about soft flip flops. You never know where date night can take you. Whether you're headed to some late-night fine dining or detour to a hip club. You can dance the night away without having to ditch your footwear halfway through.

Strap In

When it comes to picking out a pair of dressy flip flops the key is in the details. While plenty of thong sandals today are the familiar rubberized sole with simple straps across the top, many are taking a more unique approach. A braided strap made of faux leather or cord can take a simple flip flop from casual to upscale. Some flip flops offer a more elaborate look with multiple straps that criss-cross in patterns. So you can channel your inner Greek goddess! There are also flip flops with iridescent colored straps or ones that have eye-catching studs that sparkle on them. Some straps come with patterns such as chevron or diamonds. Pick one that will best compliment your favorite outfit. The key with keeping it classy is to choose ones that aren't too busy or loud in their ornateness. Also, the quality of the material used can take a pair of flip flops to the next level. So avoid plastic or rubber when you're aiming for classy.

Color Your Look

The fun thing about flip flops is that they come in a variety of different colors. You can find ones that match whatever your style is. If you want to choose a pair that are going to match a number of your dressy outfits then you should stick with neutrals such as white, beige, gray, and navy. A pair of sleek black thongs with a thick strap and a studded bead accent are a great start. Black is a neutral that can go with a variety of colors. Plus the slight accent and braided design steps them up for a romantic date night at a fancy restaurant or upscale bar. Are you more boho chic? Do you want to show off a flowing dress with Earth tones? Try a thong sandal that is a warm brown with tribal patterns. You can also find styles that include a heel strap if you want added support.

Do Date Night Right

When it comes to feeling great during your next date night, you don't want a pair of shoes to ruin it. Just because the slipper fits, doesn't mean it's comfortable to wear. You might not be ready for a black-tie affair but you can still head out for a nice evening with a pair of foot-friendly dressy flip flops. When it comes to classy, your regular old rubber flip flops aren't going to cut it. We hope these tips will help you find the perfect flops for your next special occasion. Your feet will thank us and your fashion too! Want more great footwear fashion advice? Check out our blog for extra tips.

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