Choosing the Most Foot-Friendly Comfortable Sandals

Choosing the Most Foot-Friendly Comfortable Sandals
We’ve waited all year to free our feet from heavy boots and shoes, hoping to air them out in the warmer months, especially in light and comfortable sandals! From heading to the beach to touring cities to hanging out with friends and family at a barbecue, there are plenty of spots to rock stylish and comfy sandals this summer. But with so many sandal options on selection, how do you choose a pair that works best for your feet and your lifestyle? Considering both comfort and fashion, check out our tips on how to choose the most foot-friendly comfortable sandals to suit you. Relief at last!

Consider Your Lifestyle

When it comes to choosing comfortable flip flops, it’s best to think about where you’ll be wearing them most often. Are you looking for casual sandals to get you around town with ease? Or perhaps you’re seeking hardy sandals to replace your hiking boots for a few adventures? Or maybe you simply want a relaxed pair to last you through warmer seasons? The sandals that are right for you depends on where you’ll be wearing them most. So, think about which activities you usually partake in, and the locations you tend to spend your time in. If you’re looking for a simple but fashionable sandal that you can meander around town with, comfort and style are what to consider. Aggressively outdoorsy sandals are fashion faux pas in the city, but a sandal keeping your toes cozy is important, too. Choose a sandal with a comfortable foot bed should you spend a lot of time wandering around town on foot. As you’re likely to be walking on smooth, paved terrain, you needn’t worry too much about having an ultra-secure fit. If you spend a lot of time in the water, then you’ll need to prioritize traction and water resistance to keep your feet feeling comfy. This is especially relevant to sandal-wearers that love rafting, heading to the beach, and hiking in warm and wet locations. Choose a sandal that provides proper grip on wet surfaces, and for extra comfort, is made with material that dries quickly. Opt for thick straps to feel extra secure! Love hiking? Select a hiking sandal that offers similar capabilities of a hiking boot but is lighter and more versatile to wear during the summer. Make sure it’s a sandal that can excel across various kinds of terrain.

Decide How Much Protection You'll Need

When considering the types of activities you’ll be undertaking and the locations you’ll be visiting, you’ll also need to consider how much protection and grip your feet will need. Scrambling on rocky terrain? Then you’ll need an increased amount of coverage and may want to consider a versatile rugged sandal like the Agave. You’ll also need to consider your confidence and personal clumsiness when hiking on such terrains to decide how important extra grip is. Whatever the need, rugged options are the best models for people who are seeking extra grip and support in a pair of sandals.

Buy the Right Size

It’s a given that when choosing flip flops for both women and men, selecting the correct size is crucial for optimal comfort. There should always be a small space at the end of the foot bed, so your heel isn’t hanging off the end of the sandal. You should also make sure the toe-box area is wide enough for the broadest part of your foot. And remember, in the summer feet tend to swell, so it’s best to leave a little extra wiggle room! However, don’t leave too much wiggle room as if the sizing is too big, your feet will move around uncomfortably, putting unnecessary strain on the tiny bones and joints in your feet. Likewise, avoid wobbly sandals. The trick is to examine the quality of a sandal by analyzing how it sits on a table. A well-built, comfortable, and secure sandal will be balanced and appear stable when sitting on its own.

Arch Support

While you don’t often consider arch support when it comes to choosing sandals, even the smallest amount of support makes all the difference as it comes to comfort. After all, arch support can maintain good foot health, relief, and create coziness on your heels — taking the pressure off your poor feet with adequate cushioning. While it’s fine to wear flat flip flops and sandals on occasion, regularly wearing flat sandals can place undue strain on your Achilles, heels, and back. Arched sandals or arched flip flops, on the other hand, provide support for your foot and leg muscles while shifting weight away from your forefoot — making your feet feel a whole lot more comfortable. Sandals that feature a broad heel tap base provide for better shock absorption and also allow you to be steadier on your feet. Not a fan of heels? Don’t worry, there are plenty of platform sandals on the market that offer the illusion of a higher heel without you having to feel its effects.

Which Sandals Will You Choose?

Considering the above factors, it’s easy to choose a pair of sandals that are both fashion and foot-friendly to wear this summer. Ready to choose a pair? Check out our wide range of comfy and stylish sandals on offer. From men’s sandals to women’s sandals, to girls’ and boys’ flip flops, we have a range to suit the whole family. Happy feet and happy summer!

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