How to Rock Your Style When Wearing Rubber Sandals

How to Rock Your Style When Wearing Rubber Sandals
When it's the summertime, you don't have to give any thought to what shoes to slip on while heading out the door. With the sun is beaming down on you, your brain automatically tells your body to slide your feet into a nice pair of rubber sandals. They keep your feet cool and are the ultimate summer footwear of choice! But when you're not planning a day to the pool or the beach, do you know how to rock a pair of sandals stylishly? Many even believe that sandals are only appropriate for the summer months, but we're here to tell you otherwise. Sandals can be worn throughout the entire year if you know how to wear them. And when matched correctly, sandals can become a pretty big staple of your style and fashion sense. So, don't go putting your favorite pair of sandals away in the closet just yet. Here's a full guide on how to rock your style with rubber sandals!

Women's Styles

Nothing sounds more pleasing to a woman's feet than being able to slide off those uncomfortable heels and relax in a pair of sandals. Luckily, there are even some rubber sandals that offer a wedge heel for women who like the height difference but aren't keen on wearing heels all day long. No matter what your choice of rubber sandal is, there's a way to incorporate it into your style!

Maxi Dress

Whenever you decide to pull out one of your beautiful maxi dresses, don't hesitate to bring out a good pair of rubber sandals as well. For a more casual or relaxed look, you can choose to wear a flat sandal. Many flat rubber sandals offer a unique design to them rather than a simple thong look. These sandals offer more character and will go splendidly with your stylish maxi dress. For a more formal look, you can consider wearing a pair of sandals with a wedge on them. This also gives you a bit more height, which is ideal for shorter women especially when wearing a maxi dress. However, don't limit yourself to maxi dresses with sandals only. A cute pair of sandal wedges also goes great with mini dresses as well.

Several Styles of Jeans 

Now, we all know that jeans are one of the most versatile clothing items that anyone can have. So, why not pair them with rubber sandals? The two go perfectly together! If you like the retro look, then you should match a pair of sandals with wide-cut jeans such as bell bottoms. You can wear a flat pair or a pair with a wedge, both look great with cute bell bottoms. For those who enjoy a more modern look over the retro look, then put on your best skinny jeans and match them with flat sandals. You can opt for the basic thong flip flop or a sandal with a bit more character in the straps. The choice is yours because either one will look stunning with your skinny jeans.

Tights and Leggings

Just as we enjoy the simplicity and convenience of sandals, we enjoy those same benefits offered to us by tights or leggings. Let's face it, if we were able to, we'd wear our leggings just about every day. And although you might not have the option of wearing your leggings to work, you can wear your sandals with your leggings whenever you do wear them. It's two ideal clothing items put together in one simple outfit. The idea of comfy leggings and comfy rubber sandals alone is enough to relax the mind. And wearing tights or leggings is a great opportunity to spice things up a bit! Choose different styles and patterns of your liking and mix-match them with all of your rubber sandals!

Men's Styles

You didn't think rubber sandals were only for women, did you? Men can enjoy rocking a pair of sandals stylishly as well! There are several ways for men to do so.

Chinos and a T-Shirt 

Chinos, a t-shirt, and a pair of sandals are the ideal summer outfit pieces. This outfit is simple and cool and above all, stylish. Take a speckled blue t-shirt and tuck it into a pair of white chinos. Throw on a black belt and tie it all together with your black rubber sandals!

Jeans and a Button-Up

Again, jeans are versatile so of course, jeans and sandals work well for men as well. Take a pair of blue jeans and throw on a fun button-up shirt. Tie this outfit together with a simple, yet stylish pair of cross-strap sandals.  It's a great summer outfit, but can also be worn during the fall and spring as well.

T-Shirt and Board Shorts

Did you think board shorts were only appropriate to wear at the beach or swimming pool? Wrong! That's like thinking that rubber sandals can only be worn there as well. Throw on your favorite tee and match it with a pair of board shorts. Grab some rubber sandals and slide them onto your feet to complete the look. A casual outfit like this one can be worn for a day out on the town, for a walk in the park, and so much more!

You Can Never Have Enough Rubber Sandals!

Rubber sandals can be matched stylishly with just about any outfit type. And with so many great options available, you can never have enough of them! For comfort, convenience, and style, be sure to our rubber sandal collection today!

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