Can You Wear Wedge Heel Sandals in the Fall?

Can You Wear Wedge Heel Sandals in the Fall?

In 2010, expert research showed that the brain can literally become addicted to buying shoes. These purchases trigger the brain's prefrontal cortex, making the person want to collect and display more and more shoes. In 2021, this research is as strong as ever- the human brain remains unchanged as shoe racks grow in volume.

Fall fashion is a big deal for most women, and combining shoes with the season is a lot of fun. Wedge heel sandals are some of the most amazing footwear in a woman's wardrobe, so the desire to wear them in autumn is strong. Read on to learn whether or not you can do this (spoiler alert: the answer is yes!)

Can You Wear Wedge Heel Sandals in the Fall?

As we told you in the spoiler section above, you can totally wear wedge heel sandals during the fall months. September and October really aren't that cold, and November usually isn't either. There aren't the same obstructions on the ground as wintertime brings, so you don't need to worry about exposing your feet to snow, slush, and ice.

Women's wedge sandals are super versatile. They can work with shorts and a tank in the summer, sure, but they also look great with jeans, fall-aesthetic leggings, and even professional attire.

Wedges are the best types of sandals to wear all fall because they're comfortable and supportive. They provide the foot with a lot of padding and keep it safe. They also tend to have thicker straps or even closed areas on top that keep you warm. 

So, Should You?

Okay, so you're capable of safely wearing wedge sandals in the winter without freezing your butt off. But should you do this? Or should you play it safe with wedge boots instead?

While boots and booties are awesome, there's definitely a place for sandals in fall attire. One of the best things about fall fashion is that it combines the best aspects of summer and winter attire while still being its own thing. Lots of people consider wedges to be a great way to transition from summer flip-flops to stylish winter boots.

People generally consider layering necessary in an outfit to make wedges fall-appropriate. This means incorporating layers into your overall attire- not wearing socks with your wedges. This is something that you should keep in mind when creating your favorite fall fashions.

Wedges are also stylish and can be paired with any number of fall outfits. Do you have a leather-look jacket that you love to wear over long-sleeved tees? Get a pair of wedges that have faux leather straps in the same color.

The Basics of Choosing Awesome Sandals

However, the answer of whether you should wear wedges in the fall really stems down to the footwear options that you have in your closet. Should you wear cheap $5 wedges that you got at the store? No way!

Low-quality sandals will hurt your feet really fast. If you have no cushioning or arch support on a regular basis, you also are likely to develop long-term foot problems. If you can't get high-quality sandals, don't wear any.

Luckily, this shouldn't be a problem. You can get wedges made from top-notch materials at a really affordable price. When choosing your high-quality wedge sandals, make sure that you get something with padding and faux leather straps that won't hurt the feet.

When choosing sandals, you also need to keep the aesthetic that you're going for in mind. Autumn generally is a time for black, tan, and orange. Black sandals are ideal because they come in essentially limitless styles and go with anything, so prepare to pair them with orange shirts and matching black cardigans.

The final part of choosing the best sandals for your needs? The outfits that you plan to wear them with.

How to Pair Your Wedges With Fall Fits

If you already have some fave fall fashion items, that's awesome. You can throw together some outfits in your mind and consider what shoes match up best with them. Browse the web for a little bit to see what color and style options are available to you.

Pinterest is a great place to start getting ideas. Make a board of different autumn outfits that you want to replicate and pay special attention to the wedged that they've paired with these outfits. Go look at the pinned images later to see trends before buying the shoes that best match your tastes.

We talked a little bit earlier about color matching and layering, but these two things go hand in hand with each other. If you're just looking to get a few pairs of sandals, make sure that they best match the top layers of upper-body clothing.

This is, after all, what people are going to see when they look at you. You also will likely wear a single jacket more often than you will with a specific shirt by pairing it with multiple things.

Shoes also must match your fall leggings or jeans. The idea of wedges (or any flip flops) is to bring out the best in both your bottoms and your footwear. Make sure that they both get room to shine by working together.

Get High-Quality Fall Sandals Today

Fall may not initially be a season that screams 'sandals,' but it definitely is still the right time for flip flops. They're trendy, comfortable, and are great for satisfying steps on crunchy leaves.

Now that you know the ways that you can wear wedge heel sandals this autumn, it's time to find a great pair. Contact Flojos with any lingering questions that you have about fall sandal selection or to get help choosing the right pair!

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