7 Sandal Shopping Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

7 Sandal Shopping Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Every year when summer comes around, we get excited to pack away our clunky boots in favor of sandals. 

When the seasons change, so do our tastes, and many of us opt to shop for brand-new sandals that complement our summer wardrobes. 

But how do you know how to choose the right sandals for your needs? You want to feel comfortable and stylish, but you don't want your feet to hurt either. 

We've compiled 7 sandal shopping mistakes to help you upgrade your summer shoe collection with ease! 

1. Choosing the Wrong Size

Not only is buying the incorrect size a waste of money, but your feet won't thank you for it either. Wearing the wrong size leads to foot pains, callouses, ingrown toenails, corns, and decreased mobility. 

This shopping mistake is much easier to make when buying sandals online. Without the option of trying them on beforehand, we tend to go with our usual size when presented with different sandal sizes.

Take precautions by checking the size chart and research how the brand fits before assuming they are true-to-size. Make sure the store has a good return policy in place in case they don't work out. 

When shopping in a store, always try on the sandals that catch your eye. Too small sandals cause discomfort while too big options cause rubbing and tripping. Never assume they will stretch out if they're too small and go with a size that fits you now.

If you're unsure how your sandals should fit, learn how to find the right size for you. 

2. Don't Shy Away From Black

Summer makes us think of colorful and natural tones in our wardrobe. Black might not be the first thing that comes to mind, but you shouldn't rule it out. 

Black is a classic color and choosing it for your sandals is an easy way to polish up your summer outfit.

Worried about the heat? Choose materials that stay cool even in the summer heat. 

3. Forgetting to Be Practical

When out shopping for a fresh pair of sandals, most of us focus on the aesthetics before anything else. We want a pair that looks stylish before considering any other factors.

Not only should you want your sandals to be stylish, but practical as well. In the summer we wear them often during outdoor activities, so the sandals you choose must be sturdy and well made to hold up to regular use.

Think about where you picture yourself wearing them. Will you be kicking back on the beach? Taking a nature walk? Playing some sand volleyball? Relaxing in your hammock? Climbing up some big rocks for the perfect photo op?

You don't need sneakers for your summer activities you enjoy. You only need to be sure your sandals can handle being along for the ride.

4. Not Looking at the Sole

It's all about the sole. When your sandals don't have a sturdy one, it can be problematic for your feet. 

Soles are an important sandal feature that many overlook in favor of style. This feature has one of the greatest impacts on the long-term comfort of your sandals and the health of your feet.

When shopping for sandals, take a look at the sole of the shoe to make sure it's as wide as your foot. The most supportive soles are thick, low at the heel, contoured, and have arch support in the center.

5. Buying Sandals That Are Easily Bent in Half

When you wear sandals that you can bend in half, like basic flip-flops, you aren't giving your feet any support. While this might feel comfortable enough for you, regular wear might lead to foot problems

Any sandal that you can bend easily will keep your feet in a flat position. They don't provide proper arch support, have minimal shock absorption, less protection from the ground, and increased risk of foot injuries.

Look for options that aren't easily bent with thicker soles. These will keep your feet from tiring out and suffering any long-term adverse effects.

6. Skimming Past the Description of Materials

When choosing your sandals, you want the materials to withstand the test of time. Never overlook checking out what they're made of.

Common materials for sandals are canvas, plastic, leather, wood, foam, and rubber. Leather and rubber are the most durable materials for sandals. 

If you're looking for sandals with straps, you want wide straps made of a softer material. You'll need to consider this when thinking of materials. Wide, soft straps prevent chafing and provide better comfort.

That material that is best for you will depend on the activities you plan to partake in. Rubber does better with water, but if you're off the water, leather can last a lifetime.

7. Prioritizing Price 

Going the cheapest route can be as big of a mistake as paying too much for sandals. 

Perusing the clearance rack for good deals might even lead you to buy a pair you don't love, isn't the right size for you, or isn't made of the best quality materials. 

Make yourself a budget, but when it comes to your feet, you want to keep them healthy so don't go cheap and miss out on the better quality items. 

No More Sandal Shopping Mistakes 

Now that you know which sandal shopping mistakes to avoid, you are ready to kick off your summer activities in style with a new pair. You won't be kicking those off, that's for sure! 

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