8 Reasons to Wear Sandals

8 Reasons to Wear Sandals

When you think of sandals, you probably think about shoes that are the perfect accouterment to beachy, summer
outfits. While they are most definitely a fabulous summer fashion item, they're also a fantastic item to add to your
closet for regular wear throughout the year.

Are you looking for specific ways you can wear sandals on a regular basis? We have all of the information you need.
Read on to learn why sandals are the perfect shoe to wear around the house and on vacation, too!

1. Keep Your Home Looking Clean

If you're someone who likes to wear your shoes indoors, then you might have noticed that your carpets and flooring
are looking a little worse for wear lately.

When you stop to think about it, however, is it really a surprise that your once pristine carpet looks a little
dingy? Your shoes carry you over asphalt, grass, and dirt, among other things. Taking off your shoes and slipping
into a pair of sandals when you get home will help save your floors, rugs, and carpets looking good!

2. Bacteria Be Gone

Speaking of what you track in when you wear your everyday shoes in the house, you should be concerned about more than

Shoes are a major way in which bacteria gets inside of our homes. Studies have shown that more than nine strains of bacteria can be found on the bottom of your soles. Included in those strains is the oft
anti-biotic resistant c-diff.

That bacteria gets tracked inside and all over your floors when you wear your shoes throughout the house. Those are the same floors your kids crawl and play on. Taking your shoes off at the front door and putting on a dedicated pair
of indoor sandals can keep you comfy and your home more sanitary.

3. Feel the Support

One way to avoid tracking dirt and bacteria in your home is by taking your shoes off at the door and going barefoot
when you're inside your home. This might work for some people, but it can actually be detrimental to the health of
your feet.

Hard surfaces in your home can put href="https://www.thelist.com/207893/why-you-shouldnt-walk-barefoot-around-the-house/">too much pressure on
your feet and lead to things like collapsed or fallen arches. Sandals can help href="https://www.flojos.com/product/womens-sandals-aviana/">support your arches and provide cushion where
you need it. This means your feet can breathe a sign of relief and your home will be clean, too.

4. They Aren't a Space Hog

Anyone who has ever packed for a trip knows that shoes eat up a huge amount of space in your suitcase. Even the most
efficient of packers struggles with making room in their luggage for all the shoes they'll wear on their trip. 

Enter the sandal. Sandals are flat and can save you a ton of heartache. They also won't weigh down your luggage and
cause you to struggle with the weight limit. 

5. Wear Sandals and Save Time at Security

Dealing with security screenings is one of the most frustrating parts of flying. 

You have to prep long before you even get to the airport to avoid spending more time line. You make sure your liquids
are in small bottles and they all fit in the right sized plastic baggie. You might have even purchased a specialty
bag to avoid taking your laptop out of your bag.

Why wouldn't you plan ahead by wearing a comfortable pair of sandals you can slide off and on. You don't have to sit
down and tie your shoes or struggle with heels. You just put your items in the screening bin, go through, put your
sandals back on, and you're on your way!

6. The Comfort Can't Be Beat

When you travel, you're going to encounter all kinds of terrain. You'll also be spending a ton of time of your feet.
You're going to want a pair of shoes that supports your feet, but won't get painful after several hours of wear.

Traditional sneakers tighten up as your feet swell. You might also notice that your toes get sore if your feet slide
forward and hit the toe box. This is more than a minor inconvenience when you need to spend multiple days on your

Sandals, on the other hand, provide the support you need while allowing your feet to swell and remain as comfortable
as they were when you put them on in the morning.

7. Wet Weather? No Problem!

We don't know about you, but there's nothing worse than getting your socks and shoes wet and feeling like you're on a
slip and slide for the rest of the day. It can take hours to days for your shoes to dry out, leaving you sidelined
until they're ready to go again.

You can't control the weather, but you can control the way prepare for it. Sandals dry quickly and help you stay
stable on your feet throughout the day. Since you can easily pack multiple pairs, you can even tote a second pair
with you to maximize your comfort.

8. Stay Cool

Are you planning on visiting an exotic locale with tropical weather all year long? 

The thought of a trip to a warm-weather destination might help you shake the winter blues, but you need to make sure
you're prepared for the weather. Wearing bulky sneakers sounds like a good idea until you consider how much heat
you'll retain as a result. Slipping into a pair on sandals will help you stay cool on your trip!

Are You Ready to Stock Up on Sandals?

Sandals are more than a great way to keep the sand out of your shoes when you hit the beach. Wearing a pair inside
your home instead of your regular shoes can keep your feet supported and your home clean. They're  a fantastic way
to make travel comfortable and fashionable, too!

With all of these benefits, you're probably ready to wear sandals 24/7. That means it's time to stock up your closet
with a new stash. Check out the Flojos store for
sandals that'll work for every member of your family!

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