The Best and Most Popular Sandals for Women: A Complete List

The Best and Most Popular Sandals for Women: A Complete List
Yes, we're in the thick of winter, and a pedicure may currently be the last thing on your mind as you slide into your wool socks and snow boots. But just you wait! Before you know it, warm temperatures will call for bare feet and legs. To get ready for this happy inevitability, let's take a look at the best and most popular sandals for women. Whether you're on a quest for the perfect wedge or that ideal pair of flip-flops, we've got you covered. And these styles may prove so inspiring, you'll decide to take that cruise to the Bahamas or that winter trip to Hawaii after all. Keep reading for our full breakdown of the most popular women's sandals for 2020.

Sydney Flip-Flops

What's so beloved about the Sydney flip-flop sandal? First and foremost, they're among the most comfortable sandals that you'll EVER put on your feet in. They're akin to walking on a cloud due to their well-padded, molded comfort footbeds. They come in two stylish options, black and tan, and will quickly become your go-to summer footwear. They're also lightweight and pack easily, so you won't hesitate to take them everywhere. Best of all, you'd never know just how amazing these sandals feel because they're WAY too stylish to look comfy. And, they only cost $30, which is fantastic for shoes that provide this much durability, support, performance, and appeal.

Jess Wedge Sandals

If you're a fan of wedges, then these Jess wedge sandals are for you. Not only do they look WAY more expensive than they are, but your feet will fall in love with their cushy footbed and soft, flexible straps. They also prove highly breathable, which means they won't start to stink, even in the hottest weather and humidity. Available in black and tan, they look just as hot with a bikini as they do with shorts or a sundress. And considering splurging for these shoes will only cost you $35, we say they're worth every single penny!

Juno Weave

If you haven't converted to the Juno tribe yet, then this sandal will help you do it. These sandals are great for all occasions, making them a genuinely multi-purpose shoe. They're also incredibly comfortable and conform to your feet, both in terms of width and length. In fact, because of their comfy yoga footbed, they fit like a pair of gloves. And all of this comfort and style come in at $30.

Lauren Flat Sandals

We seriously can't get enough of these elegant, simple ankle-strap sandals and neither will you. These sandals offer the ultimate in comfort and can transition from day to evening effortlessly. They'll make you look and feel dress-appropriate whether you're in khaki shorts or a maxi-dress, and the whole time your feet will sing with joy because of the Lauren's cushy footbed. Don't believe us? Our reviewers have racked up major mileage in these sandals. Yet, their feet remain free from blisters, aching arches, and unhappy toes. Shockingly, these sandals only cost $33, making them the ultimate summer footwear steal.

Spark Flat Sandals

While many of us might not think of flat sandals and "sexy" in the same sentence, the Spark will make you rethink this position. They feature A sexy little strap in leopard print or black sequins. But don't let that fool you. These sandals can handle a variety of activities, too. Whether you're walking the beach, involved in low-impact exercise, or taking your dog for a walk, the Spark fits the bill. They're also highly versatile and can be worn over many types of terrain. They work on leisurely hikes and inner-city jaunts without your feet missing a beat. And at $29, you can't go wrong with these beautiful sandals.

Rochelle Flat Sandal

The Rochelle flat sandal earns lifelong fans. Seriously. When it comes to popular women's sandals, you really can't go wrong with them. They feature an overlast wrap strap and a reverse toe thong, which makes for both a functional and elegant looking sandal. They work beautifully with different outfits in a variety of situations, from a night out in a dress to a late morning hike. You'll pay a bit more for these sandals at $37. But they last for years, providing plenty of quality and comfort throughout their lifespan. As a result, we deem them a worthwhile investment.

Fiesta Flat Sandal

If you long to wear a strappy sandal or flip-flop but need lots of arch support, you may feel hampered by most sandals on the market. After all, they're not known for having much in the way of support. But the Fiesta flat sandal is cute, elegant, and provides plenty of arch support combined with a padded footbed. Yet, these shoes remain cute, compact, and lightweight. So, you won't even hesitate before throwing them in your purse, beach bag, gym bag, or luggage. They're also a great addition to any wardrobe. They come in a variety of colors including:
  • Tan stripe
  • Black
  • Charcoal
  • White/Tan
  • Navy
So, why not get one pair in every color? And you won't break the bank in the process. Expect to pay just $21 for these comfortable, fashionable shoes. Besides looking for sandals with support, it's also crucial that you pay close attention to sizing when it comes to sandals. The better your sandals fit, the more comfortable they'll be.

The Best Sandals for Women

Whether you're looking for cute, strappy sandals that can transition from work to cocktails with ease, or you need extra arch support, we've got the best sandals for women, sure to keep your feet happy while working hard for you. So, start dreaming about new sandy, tropical locations to try these beauties out. And don't use winter as an excuse to skimp on your pedicure. After all, warmer temperatures will be here before you know it. And with this many cute, comfortable, affordable sandals on the market, the last thing you're going to want to worry about is getting your feet season-ready. Ready to keep shopping for the best sandals this season? Check out our latest footwear for women.          

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