How to Wear Casual Sandals: A Style Guide for Men

How to Wear Casual Sandals: A Style Guide for Men
Didn't think you could make sandals fashionable? Think again. Mandals are back in action, and we're here to help you style them. Keep reading for a complete style guide for men who want advice on how to wear their casual sandals. Check out our favorite styles and ideas on how to wear them below! You'll be rocking your man sandals in no time.

Care About Your Parings

Men and sandals are a combination that can go wrong really quickly if not paired correctly. Here are our Do's and Don'ts when it comes to styling sandals for men plus some awesome outfit ideas.

It's All About the Pants

Sandals only really work with a tailored, rolled or cropped pant hem. This is a great summer or vacation style. A pair of strappy sandals paired with a good pair of chinos is a great way to own this outfit idea. For a trendy outfit combo, get your favorite pair of neutral strappy sandals and pair them with cream-colored chinos and a light blue tee or button-down. Find a belt that is the same neutral color as your sandals for a unified outfit that rocks. This look is nautical, comfortable but still a bit more elevated, perfect for your tropical vacation or waterside dinner wear. If you don't own chinos and are wondering how to pair your sandals with your trousers, make sure they are tailored. A wide pant style that tapers at the ankle can help you pull this look off. Pair it with a vintage striped button down for tropical on the go Havana vibe that is anything but a tacky tourist. Sandals with jeans have long been an iffy combo. A way to make this pairing work is to make sure you have a skinny jean that you can roll at the bottom. This works especially well with a light wash jean for a summertime feel. There are a few top options that would work for this look, try a printed button-down, a cool vintage graphic tee or a solid long sleeve or short sleeve tee. Try a color like mustard or yellow for an all-over warm outfit hue that will pop. A cool pair of shades can complete this cool boy look.

Shorts and Casual Sandals for Summer

It's only natural to want to wear a pair of sandals to the beach or on the boat for all-day comfort. An awesome beach or deck side look is pairing your sandals with trendy swimwear. Cool prints or bright colors are a great choice to pair with your sandals for a summertime look. Consider a casual heathered tee to pair with your trunks. Roll the sleeves for extra detail. Pair this outfit with a cool hat that matches your casual sandals. Slides can be an awesomely convenient option that can give your swimwear style an athletic feel. If your wearing shorts that aren't swim trunks, pulling them off with sandals can become a bit tricker. Above-The-Knee neutral linen shorts can help pull this tropical look together. Pair it with a trendy pair of sandals and a plain tee.

Styling with Sandals for an Athletic Look

Slides can sometimes be the best way to style with sandals for some sporty style. This is about the only time it actually works to wear socks with sandals. A high white sock that hits about mid-shin is totally okay to pair with your slides and is actually pretty trendy. Socks with a cool sporty or brand emblem printed are even better. Pair it with some retro-sport gear, like a Columbia tee or sweatshirt and some breezy elastic waist cotton shorts.

Experiment with Your Sandals with These Trendy Runway Looks

Sandals are actually becoming really common to see on the runway. If you're into high fashion, there are tons of cool outfit ideas you can try out. A trend we've seen is sandals with suits. This really can only work with a super sleek tailored suit, especially if it's a summer suit. Pair a navy tailored summer suit with a linen button-down, using a leather pair of sandals to dress your suit down for the right occasion. You'll want to lose the socks and wear sandals, not flip flops for this look to truly work. If you really want to experiment, try pairing your sandals with suit separates. A bit of contrast can deformalize your look for events like a casual beach wedding. For a trendy warm look, pair a white linen button-down with a khaki blazer jacket, and a slim dressy navy chino pant with your strappy sandals or slides. Tuck a tropical handkerchief in your shirt pocket to bring your outfit to the next level. A final word of advice for our sandal-wearing men: take care of your feet! This look isn't great without a manicured pair of man feet.

Bringing the Sandal Back, One Good Outfit Idea at a Time

If you love the feeling of freedom and comfortability that comes with casual sandals but are always afraid you don't know how to style them, try one of these looks today! Take your sandals off the beach with these outfit combinations that will wow. To buy an awesome pair of sandals, head to the men's section of our site today. We've got so many options that would look awesome with these trendy outfit ideas!

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