A Complete Guide on Choosing the Best Women's Travel Sandals in 2020

A Complete Guide on Choosing the Best Women's Travel Sandals in 2020
Every seasoned female traveler knows that you can't leave for a trip without a good pair of sandals. Even if you're traveling to a colder climate, sandals are still nice to have for when you're lounging around or walking to the shower. But, choosing the right pair of sandals can be difficult. With so many styles and brands out there, how do you know which one is right for you? Check out this guide to discover how to choose the best women's sandals in 2020.

Consider Their Purpose

First things first, you'll want to consider what activities you'll be doing on your trip. Are you going to be spending a lot of time hiking or doing other types of strenuous activity? If so, then a pair of hiking sandals may be a good idea. Or, maybe you plan to spend most of your days lounging on the beach or in your hotel bed? If this is the case, you can look for a pair of sandals that are more focused on style than sturdiness.

Check The Weather

Before deciding on what sandals to buy, it's always a good idea to check the weather of your chosen destination. If the place you're going to is really warm, then it may be a good idea to buy multiple pairs of sandals so you have some options. If you find out that the weather is going to be a bit cooler, then you'll want to choose sandals based on indoor activity rather than an outdoor activity.

Consider The Material

When shopping for the right travel sandal, the material is perhaps the most important consideration. Here are some of the different materials you have to choose from:


Leather is a very durable and beautiful material. It also conforms to your feet after extended wear, which is why leather loafers are often the shoe of choice for many workers. However, while leather sandals can be beautiful, they're not always the best choice for travelers. For one, leather insulates heat, which means it can make your feet very hot. If you get leather sandals, you'll have to be very careful about exposing the insides to heat. Otherwise, your foot will burn when you slip the sandal on. Additionally, leather can be quite expensive compared to other sandal materials. If you plan to wear your sandals to the beach or pool, you may also want to avoid leather, as it can be vulnerable to water damage. If you like the look of leather but don't want to deal with the excess heat, potential water damage, or expensive price tag, you can also buy faux leather sandals. These have the look of leather and many are still quite durable. Additionally, you can easily find faux leather in other colors besides the traditional brown.


Rubber travel sandals offer a lot of benefits to their wearers. For one, they have a lot of sole traction, which means that your feet won't slip around when wearing them. Unlike leather, rubber sandals won't heat up your feet. And, you can typically wear rubber sandals for long periods and remain comfortable. Additionally, natural rubber tends to be very environmentally-friendly.


The most common textiles for making shoes include cotton, wool, polyester, and nylon. You can find textile sandals in lycra, rayon, and polypropylene. One of the biggest advantages of textile sandals is that they often come in a wide variety of styles and designs.


If you plan to do a lot of walking in your sandals, we recommend investing in a pair with some arch support. A wedge sandal is a great choice, as not only does it offer your feet support, but it also gives you a little height boost. If you don't plan to walk all day in your sandals, then flat soles will do just fine.


While it may be tempting to pack those super cute bright pink sandals sitting in your closet, it's likely not the most prudent sandal choice. Unless you have all kinds of room in your suitcase, you're likely going to need to narrow your sandal selection down to one or two pairs. This means you'll need just one or two pairs of sandals to go with all different kinds of outfits. For this reason, we recommend bringing along at least one pair of sandals in a neutral color, like brown, tan, black, or white. Sandals in neutral colors are great because they can be dressed up or down and will go with almost any outfit. Then, if you have room for it, you can pack a fun, brightly-colored pair of sandals.


Last but not least, you want to consider the sandal strap. If you choose straps that are too thin, you'll be uncomfortable and end up with red marks across your feet. If the straps are too thick, you might as well throw on some socks and wear closed-toe shoes. Again, it can help to think about the kinds of activities you'll be doing in your sandals before deciding on a strap. If you mainly just plan to wear your sandals to the beach, then a thin strap will do just fine. But, if you plan to do a lot of walking around, we recommend going with a thicker strap.

Women's Travel Sandals: Are You Ready To Find The Perfect Pair?

As you can see, there's a lot that you need to keep in mind when choosing the perfect pair of women's travel sandals. But, once you do find the perfect pair, they'll likely last you many vacations to come. If you're looking for the perfect sandals to wear to the spa or pool, be sure to check out this guide on the best slide sandals.

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