Socks and Sandals: What's with All the Controversy?

Socks and Sandals: What's with All the Controversy?
Even in ancient times, people happily strolled around town wearing socks and sandals. In fact, the Romans are the first documented civilization known to wear socks and sandals. In the modern age, socks and sandals are sometimes associated with a low fashion IQ but are the critics being too harsh? Read on to find out more about what's behind the socks and sandals debate and why it matters.

The Socks and Sandals Controversy

Is wearing socks with sandals ever appropriate? Understandably, wearing socks with a pair of wedges would be odd, but what about sports sandals? Or even a pair of comfy sandals?

1. Professional Etiquette

In some countries, like India, wearing socks with sandals is considered professional. There, it's considered an even bigger faux pas to wear sandals without socks if your feet aren't in great shape. In America, however, sandals are typically a no-go in the workplace. Open-toed shoes can also be a liability in the workplace and at school. Especially around equipment and in an office setting where there are a lot of items to trip on. Some companies, however, are currently trying to break into workplace-fashion with dress sandal lines. People on board with this fashion movement advocate for socks and sandals at work and are attempting to normalize it.

2. Comfort

Many of the people who are on board with socks and sandals do it for the comfort. Wearing sandals without socks allow their feet rub against the sandal and can create blisters for some. Socks also provide sandal-wearers with extra cushion and comfort.

3. Generational Style Choices

Generational populations have a lot to do with the socks and sandals controversy. In post-Soviet Russia, showing your legs and bare feet was bad taste. Other older generations in Germany and the Czech Republic have a completely different view. Older Germans are particularly known for rocking socks and sandals.

4. Regional Appeal

So, where are socks and sandals a huge hit? The Pacific Northwest takes the socks and sandals number one fan award. In this region of the U.S., it's commonplace to see men and women wearing socks and sandals. In fact, Washingtonians searched for "socks and sandals" on the internet more than any other state.

5. Celebrities

Kanye does it. Justin Beiber does it. David Beckham does it. So, how can anyone complain? Well, celebrities have the privilege of making fashion statements. They also have millions of fans who look up to them. And, wearing socks and sandals isn't likely to ruin their career. But, celebrities don't just wear socks and sandals because they can. Celebrities and the fashion industry both enjoy breaking taboos through fashion statements. The existence of socks and sandals debate itself shows that the fashion statement is making a powerful mark. If it wasn't, then no one would be talking about it!

6. Shock Appeal

Some fashion designers use socks with sandals as a shock factor. Russian designers, for example, attempt to break through taboos by including them in their fashion lines. These designers jump at the chance to break down this stereotype by creating space for more playful fashion choices.

7. Athletes

Sliders with socks make transitioning to and from the field easier. Athletes can get away with wearing socks and sandals any time during the year. Athletes who play soccer and basketball are particularly partial to this trend. And, it makes sense since these athletes have to wear socks for their uniforms. Cleats also aren't easy to walk in off the field making sliders a convenient choice.

8. All About Hygiene

Men in particular claim to don socks and sandals for hygiene purposes. Men aren't encouraged to take care of themselves aesthetically as much as women. In general, men don't get pedicures nor do they pay much attention to foot care. But, men are aware that their feet don't look sandal-ready. So, they may put on a pair of socks to remedy the situation. Men also have hygiene concerns about wearing sandals without socks. These men say that running around with your feet exposed isn't hygienic. Health experts agree. Socks catch sweat and debris that would otherwise be absorbed into your footwear. Socks also protect your feet from the materials used in footwear such as biofilm. Lastly, wearing shoes without socks could also result in infections and fungal problems. However, sandals do allow for more airflow to prevent these problems. But, without socks, your feet are more susceptible to injury which could also result in an infection.

Socks and Sandals: Which Fashion Choice Will You Make?

To wear socks and sandals or not to wear socks and sandals? That is the question. The answer is entirely dependent on your personal preferences and your ability to rock your style. We recommend that you don't wear socks with fashionable sandals. This includes heels, strappy sandals, or sandals with intricate details. Otherwise, rock your socks and sandals to the best of your ability! Expect some disapproving looks and teasing from friends, but always keep your head held high! Want to purchase a new pair of sandals? Check out our product selection to find the perfect sandals for you to pair with your favorite socks.

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