Leather Flip Flops for Boho: Finishing the Look with Sandals

Leather Flip Flops for Boho: Finishing the Look with Sandals

What's Unique About Bohemian Style?

While Bohemia is a region of the Czech Republic, most people don't mean that people group when they use the word "Bohemian." Instead, Bohemians of the last 200 years are generally assumed to participate in artistic endeavors, and follow their own unique path. These pursuits roll over into the style of the Bohemian culture, with looser clothing and busier patterns reminiscent of the free-form ideology, colorful paintings, and creative expression. Modern Bohemian style evolved from the hippies of the 1960s, with their emphasis on tie-dye, flowers, and bell bottoms. Today, loose sleeves and long skirts are still popular, with floral prints and crochet details hearkening back to that famous decade. Both hippie and Bohemian fashions place a high emphasis on ethical clothing practices and natural fibers. Yet modern boho clothing also deviates from its predecessor, choosing softer, earthier tones, rather than the bright colors used in tie-dye in the past. In keeping with their values, boho chic fashionistas also seek out true vintage clothing instead of replicas, preferring to recycle already-existing clothes or repurpose them. Modern boho chic trends take after other modern clothing, too, with plunging necklines and midriff-revealing tops. Some of the maxi dresses and skirts even have high slits, allowing the wearer to show more skin and feel less restricted. You can also refer to boho chic style as aesthetic dress.

How to Accessorize Boho Chic Outfits

Your clothing style can help you make a statement, but when you add accessories, you complete the look. Many boho maxi dresses look great with a floppy fedora and several necklaces worn at once. You can use a feather headband or a headscarf in place of the hat. Boho bags are a must if you want to go all out. Try a beaded clutch or a backpack with fringe. Even a messenger bag or drawstring sack with a long strap works if it's made from a batik fabric or something with a tribal pattern. Hairstyles are long and loose with boho fashions, adding to the free-form feeling. It also leaves room for gold or silver hair clips and feathers in the hair or any loose decoration.

Why Leather Flip Flops?

Just as Bohemian style has its own origins, flip flop-style sandals have a history of their own. From ancient Egyptians to South American and African tribes, many cultures have used the slip-on style sandal, usually made of plants, to protect their feet. Flips flops protect modern-day feet, too. They create a freeing feeling because the feet aren't enclosed, but they also protect from dirt and grime on city streets and hot asphalt in the summer. Leather material is a fantastic shoe element because it's flexible. The material forms to your foot after you break them in. In time they'll have the perfect fit for your feet. Another reason leather works well for sandals is that it's durable, which means you'll get years of use out of them. The rubber flip flops you buy for $1 or $5 at the dollar store or a big box store won't even last the summer, compared to a pair of leather sandals that you'll bring out season after season.

A Mutual Understanding

Boho chic may have upgraded the shoe material from the long-ago tribal plant flip flops to leather, but the principle is the same. A shoe that gets the job done but still keeps most of the foot free is in line with the values of a Bohemian fashionista, and suitably utilitarian to match the aesthetic, too. The natural leather material's also a perfect partner for a culture that values natural fibers and earth-friendly materials. Original elements that don't have polyester or synthetic fabrics are usually more comfortable to wear. Complete a crochet halter wide-leg jumpsuit with boho sandals for a relaxed beach look you can wear anywhere. Or pair some boho wedge sandals with a flowy maxi dress in a brown and pink floral print for a windy day of sightseeing. Another example of how to wear the two combined is pairing an embroidered tunic dress with leather sandals, with a heel or without. This outfit would be great for a dinner on a restaurant's patio or even a casual outdoor wedding. Dress up your t-shirt and jeans with a flowy boho-chic kimono and leather sandals, a style that's flattering to any shape. The durability of leather means you put less of an impact on the environment, too. Since boho fashion emphasizes caring for the earth, the fewer shoes you have to buy the better. When you buy leather sandals, you'll get more years out of them than another pair made from synthetic material.

The Freedom to Be You

Boho chic style is all about choosing to be the best version of yourself, whatever that looks like. With versatile options that you can mix and match, you'll get exhausted before you run out of options. Leather flip flops are a perfect combination with the loose-fitting style of boho chic because they go with everything and you can't beat the comfort. The durability and flexible nature of leather are added bonuses. Shop new arrivals now to complete your Bohemian look.

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