Best Walking Sandals for Women in 2021

Best Walking Sandals for Women in 2021

Has clunky footwear kept you from enjoying the great outdoors? If you love a good walk but hate hot feet, we've got great news! You can enjoy your favorite flip flop and enjoy Mother Nature at the same time.

Here's a look at our favorite walking sandals for women.

Blair 2.0

These are your walking feet's BFF. Blair sandals are created for comfort and support. Redesigned for a softer look and even softer feel, you'll love the added color options.

Set out for a stroll with egg crate EVA footbeds and rubber soles. No more flimsy feeling flip flops with a wide base for your foot. Blairs have extra nylon support pieces as an extra gift for your toes.

Blair 2.0 flip flops are vegan friendly, allowing you to honor mother earth while enjoying her beauty. Walk as long as you like with Blair 2.0 as your companions!


These woven wonders are a treat for your feet. The patented criss-cross design hugs your feet without suffocating them. If you aren't a flip flop person, these sandals are for you. Sayulitas offer a slingback strap and stretchy elastic lining so you can slide in and they won't slide off. 

An EVA mid-layer and comfy footbed make these lovelies arch support friendly. Sayulita's stylish pattern makes them perfect for long walks on the boardwalk and around town. Dress them up with a white sundress or keep it casual with cutoffs and a tank. 


Here they are, your perfect huarache walking pair! Slide into Luciana's for a snug, yet comfortable fit. These huaraches are vegan friendly and have a faux leather lining upper. Your feet will enjoy contoured arch support while breathing easy with each step.

While sliding in is a breeze, sliding around won't be a concern. Thanks to traction provided by the TPR outsole, you'll grip the ground, not slip around!

Looking for that perfect pair of white sandals? Maybe you can't decide between red or black sandals.

No problem! Luciana has all three colors available with a tan footbed. Variety, style, and comfort make these your perfect walking companions.

Flojos 101/The Originals

From 1970 to 2021, Flojo Originals are a classic for any active woman. What makes these so unique? 

To start, Flojo Originals are 100% rubber. This composition makes them durable and comfortable. 

Originals offer that unmistakable style; slingback with open toes. Show off your pedicure with full front foot exposure. The slingback strap offers the support and comfort you need.

Over time, Flojo 101s start to conform to the shape of your foot. This makes each pair you own custom to your feet. Choose ivory Flojo101s or make these your new favorite black sandals!

What's better than walking with a custom pair of sandals. There's really nothing else like classic Flojo Originals! 

Fiesta 2.0

Fiesta 2.0s are ready for your walk, your party, or your walk to the party! These comfy flip flops offer support through unique arch support cookies. Fiesta 2.0 flip flops are the Fiesta design you love with a little extra cushion for your feet.

Women who love to walk will enjoy extra ventilation provided by perforations in support cookies. Faux leather straps and sponge rubber outsoles keep your steps light and airy.  

With eight different color combinations, Fiesta 2.0s pair with any of your favorite walking outfits!


For more flip flop walking comfort, check out Serenity. These simple and stylish comfies have a woven faux leather strap. 

Simple doesn't mean boring. Walkers can select from 8 different color combinations. Keep it simple with a classic white sandal/tan sole look. 

Dress up your next stroll with stunning rose gold and black combo. 

Serenity flip flops still give great support and comfort. With EVA smoothie material, your feet will stay from the start of your walk to the finish. A synthetic rubber outsole keeps your step light and easy.

A pair of serenity flip flops will keep your feet calm through your entire walk.

Colette 2.0

If you're looking for a flip flop that lasts, look further than Colette 2.0. Durability is the name of Colette 2.0's game. 

This classic upper strap is made of nubuck leather. Colette 2.0 has a beveled edge footbed and full leather outsoles. This combo provides walkers with comfort and traction.

Walk all day long in Colette 2.0s! The EVA soles will form to the contour of your feet. Excellent arch support makes this comfy walking buddy built to last.

Some have kept theirs for decades, making Colette essential walking sandals for women.  


If you wore "Toejos" in the '90s, they're back! Rebranded as Kai, these are the classics you need for your walks. Your favorite beach sandals can double as great walking buddies.

The classic thin strap design makes Kai flip flops match your favorite activewear. Available in nude and black at an affordable price, you can buy one of each color.  

Kai flip flops are all rubber. This makes them durable, fashionable, and comfortable!

Splash through streams and stand under waterfalls all you want. These flip flops are 100% waterproof. Your feet with thank you for adventuring in Kai flip flops!


Billi flip flops are elegant and classic walking companions. A patch icon lays tastefully on the comfort lined vegan uppers. 

No need to worry about slipping up, Billie outsoles have TPR outsole traction. Comfort and style are brought together with EVA midsoles and a nylon toe piece. Billies have great arch support, something not always found in a flip flop!

Available in brown/tan, off white/brown, or all black, Billies will give a zhuzh to every outfit in your closet.

Great Walking Sandals for Women

The average American takes 4,774 steps per day. Getting your steps in doesn't have to mean pain or ugly footwear. 

Don't just take our word for it. Visit us online to check out more walking sandals for women. Which of our styles will be your staple walking sandal?

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