A Fashion-Forward Man's Guide to the Different Types of Sandals

A Fashion-Forward Man's Guide to the Different Types of Sandals

The global footwear market will reach $440 billion by 2026, with the US among the major markets. Such statistics indicate demand, with footwear being critical for your fashion statement.

Although largely overlooked, the different types of sandals are a great addition to a man's wardrobe. Sandals let your feet breathe and are the perfect balance between humble and iconic. You should thus find yourself sandals for men to use when you're off the grind.

There are a variety of famous men's sandals which makes it challenging to choose the right one for you. All the same, you should be able to shop with confidence, and it all depends on what you know. With the correct type of sandals, you might be surprised by the comfort feeling.

Wondering where to start when choosing sandals? Continue reading to learn about the different types of sandals and find the right ones.
Types of Sandals

Men's sandals come in various styles that mainly determine their uses. The practicality is on the different sandal types' ability to boost your outlook.

Here are some of the popular types of sandals for men.

Flip flops

Flip flops are the standard of sandals since they're the most popular in the market. Their main feature is the thong' that is functional when wearing it.

Flip flops are comfortable and easy to wear, but they're pretty basic; thus, they don't offer so much in fashion. They're best suited for light activity within your backyard or when lounging. If you're looking for beach sandals, flip flops are great to wear when enjoying the beach sand.

However, these sandals can be uncomfortable if you're doing too much activity. Flip flops don't offer that much support for your feet, and doing too much in them can damage them.


Also, a popular men's sandal, sliders, have taken the world by storm since they're fashionable. They're an acceptable street sandal with men rocking them alongside street-appropriate wear.

Sliders have a hollow space beneath some sort of bridge within the design to let your foot slide through. As a result, they're a lot more comfortable compared to flip-flops. You can thus wear them for lazy errands within your urban area.

Due to their relaxed feel, they're best styled with shorts or sweatpants. However, you shouldn't dress jeans with slides since they're an odd pair.

Walking Sandals

Are you more into active and outdoorsy stuff? If yes, walking sandals should be your ideal pick.

Walking sandals are built for functionality and durability. They, therefore, are great for hiking and exploring on foot. They're the closest that sandals come to closed shoes, but they feature open spaces.

However, these sandals aren't exactly a style piece. The functionality matters more than the fashion with walking sandals. Their main focus is on offering support for your feet.

Huarache Sandals

If you're looking for light sandals that blend in with smart and casual, huarache sandals are ideal for you. They look like woven loafers, making them lightweight and totally easy on your feet.

Huarache sandals originate from Mexican culture, so they're aesthetically appealing. You can rock them all summer long with different clothing as you bring your groove to parties.

These sandals come in different designs, from minimalistic to sophisticated designs. You can therefore choose according to your preference.

Tips for Choosing the Right Men's Sandals

Now that you know of the common sandal types available, you still know how to choose sandals for men. Here are some tips for choosing the best sandals for men.


Since you're going to have the sandals on most of the time, it's only right that you ensure they're comfy. The comfort depends on the sandal fit, support features, and material.

For flip flops, you have to check the material used at the thong to ensure it's comfortable to wear. Check the sandal to find the right size for your feet. The comfort determines the feel you have with such men's sandals on, which is why they make a huge difference.


How does the sandal fit into your dress code? Sandals as a piece of your dressing need to complement what you wear. You, therefore, need to select them based on their style.

Select a sandal whose design you prefer from among the various available options. Each style resonates differently based on how you like it and its pairings. Ensure you first learn how to wear sandals with different clothes.


What type of activity will you subject the sandal to? To ensure that they serve you well, it's necessary to consider the sandal's traction.

For instance, walking sandals for hiking, need soles that feature deeper treads. You also need to ensure that your combat flip-flops have traction on the inside as well for better grip.


You need not break the bank for sandals, so work with a budget when choosing what to buy.

Quality sandals won't come cheap, but you have to go with affordable options. Check for value among the selection you go for to ensure that they're well priced and have good quality.

Shop at the new arrivals section to find new styles at affordable rates.

You Now Know Different Types of Sandals

Choosing sandals for men doesn't always have to be challenging. You need to know what style suits you best to incorporate sandals into your fashion. The above guide highlights the different types of sandals and how to find one.

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