Paul “Pluey” Pugliesi

About Paul

Every now and then you find that person that really does embrace life.

Paul “Pluey” Pugliesi is that guy. He has become one of the great surfers in the CA area, recognized by the Mayor of Oceanside for his surfing achievements, being accepted to participate in the World Surf League – The global home of surfing, the big leagues, and being a great dad to his daughter and son that will arrive this surf season.

“Pluey” had a fun year, as did all of us at Flojos following his travels around the globe surfing with WSL. At times, it was the “where is Pluey” game. He took on events in Australia, Israel, Taiwan and Costa Rica. If that wasn’t enough travel, he went to Morocco, Acapulco and France. Let’s not forget CA his home turf. On his journey Paul finished in the 300’s out of 1200 competitors. He remains positive and steadfast about his love for the sport of surfing and his commitment to those around him. He not only prides himself on his work ethic, he also works with youth in the area to help them improve their surfing skills.

Check out this list:

  • 1st place -Soul Surf Series Event #4
  • 1st place -Soul Surf Series Event #5
  • 2nd place- Soul Surf Series March 19 SC Pier
  • 2nd place- Soul Surf Series Goldenwest
  • 2nd place- WSA Avalanche

Paul sets goals for himself each season. Besides being a great dad, he practices constantly to make each event the best it can be. Follow him on his social media to keep up with all the news.

Flojos would like to wish Paul continued success for the 2017 season!

Dream as if you will live forever, live as if you will die tomorrow

James Dean

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