About Kieran

We are excited to have Kieran Anderson on the Flojos team! Kieran resides in Carlsbad, California (If he is home, which is rare). Kieran spends his time traveling to new destinations and chasing big waves. He is constantly on call and will drop everything to chase a large swell! One of Kieran’s career highs was being placed on call for the WSL Nelscott Reef Pro-AM Big Wave Event. Read the story here: https://www.theinertia.com/surf/damien-hobgood-implores-you-to-vote-for-his-friend-and-competitor-for-nelscott-reef-contest/

Kieran started surfing at 15 and also is a competent skateboarder. Some of his favorite big wave locations are: Puerto Escondido, Mavericks, Nellscott Reef, Todos Santos and basically any place that gives him an adrenaline rush! He also does some humanitarian trips to places where he can give back. Most recently, Kieran worked with Walking on Water to bring aid and do some missions work in Oaxaca, Mexico. We caught up with Kieran and asked him where his passion for huge waves came from. “I have a crazy amount of adrenaline. So when my friends asked me to go surf mavericks with them the first time I figured why not!”

Were excited to have Kieran representing Flojos and look forward to seeing where his crazy adventures take him!

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