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Leather Flip Flops for Boho: Finishing the Look with Sandals

What’s Unique About Bohemian Style? While Bohemia is a region of the Czech Republic, most people don’t mean that people group when they use the word “Bohemian.” Instead, Bohemians of the last 200 years are generally assumed to participate in artistic endeavors, and follow their own unique path. These pursuits roll over into the style […]

How to Style Dressy Flip Flops for Your Next Date

America’s flip flop frenzy is believed to have originated from Japan where they wear traditional footwear called zoris that resemble our thonged, rubberized version. Since the 1950’s when it gained popularity, the flip flop has continued to be a staple in our daily fashion today. But what about special occasions? When you’re headed out for a fancy […]

Your Quick Guide to Choosing the Best Hiking Sandals

Hiking scratches an itch for freedom. Weekend warriors eschew cramped, stuffy office combines on their days off in favor of wooded trails high in the mountains, or saltwater mist on rocky ocean shorelines. Like you, your feet crave freedom on an adventure, too. Don’t shove them into cramped, stuffy shoes. They need ventilation that only […]