Proud To Support These Amazing Athletes

Brand Ambassadors That Embody The Spirit Of Flojos

Flojos is excited to show off our 2020 team! Surfing has always been at the heart of Flojos and it is great to have this group of athletes representing us. Flojos also supports outdoor enthusiasts and overall beach lovers. This group of individuals are at the top of the game in their sport! They also are not only professionals at what they do but also parents, students, and positive role models in the community. Were love our team and our proud to support them!

Bree Labiak

Cole Harmening

Paul Pluey Pugliesi

Raya Walker

  • Best Flip Flops I've Owned...

    "These are the most comfortable flip flops upon first wear that I've ever owned. Pillowy soft and had no weird stitches or hard spots to cause any chafing. I would definitely purchase these again, they were awesome."

    Mrs. Leng - Mother Of Three
  • My Flojos Are The Best Sandals Ever...

    "Specifically, the Fiesta Flats are the style type of Flojo's to buy. They always fit perfectly, are incredibly comfortable and last forever regardless of whether you live in them or not. My first pair lasted almost 10 years. Highly recommend."

    Elena Giron - Sandal Lover