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Are Winter Sandals a New Style or Just a Passing Fad?

Many things in this world work so well together. Even thinking about certain combinations is satisfying. Parings such as peanut butter and jelly, tortilla chips and nacho cheese, olives, and martinis, these dynamic duos were created to go hand in hand. Then there are the combinations that make us recoil in disgust and wonder what happened to […]

“No Shoes in the House”: Why Flip Flops Make Great “Inside Shoes”

Did you know that the oldest known sandals date back thousands of years? That’s a long time for footwear to evolve. We may not know whether ancient people liked wearing shoes in the house (or cave), but we know they didn’t bother with expensive white carpets. Nowadays, inside shoes are essential. It’s harder to match flooring to […]

Comfortable, Cozy, and for Every Occasion: Here are the Best Sandals for Men

Here in sunny Southern California, we have the pleasure of wearing flip flops and sandals all year round. After all, if you had the option between comfy sandals or dress shoes, which one would you pick? The greatest thing about sandals is that many are work-appropriate, meaning you can ditch the dress shoes and slip […]