We Are The Original Hanging Footwear Brand.

For more than three decades, Flojos (pronounced “flo-hos” which means lazy and relaxed) has prided itself on giving customers the best possible sandals to kick back and enjoy every day life. — Flojos has perfected the art of “hangin’ out” through it’s mellow west coast vibe, adventurous spirit and comfortable, good valued, stylish products. Flojos Flip Flops, Sandals and Shoes are made from the highest quality materials and many of our styles have excellent arch support, So slip into style in your Flojos; perfect for the beach, a night out or anywhere for that matter!

Original California Soul
Flojos surged into the sandal arena in the early '70s
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A Timeless Tradition Of Style And Durability
Flojos surged into the sandal arena in 1979 with the original Flojos crisscross strap and the rest is history.
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Timeless Tradition of Flojos Company
  • Best Flip Flops I've Owned...

    "These are the most comfortable flip flops upon first wear that I've ever owned. Pillowy soft and had no weird stitches or hard spots to cause any chafing. I would definitely purchase these again, they were awesome."

    Mrs. Leng - Mother Of Three
  • My Flojos Are The Best Sandals Ever...

    "Specifically, the Fiesta Flats are the style type of Flojo's to buy. They always fit perfectly, are incredibly comfortable and last forever regardless of whether you live in them or not. My first pair lasted almost 10 years. Highly recommend."

    Elena Giron - Sandal Lover